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This informative article is a transcript of all the quotes from an offered character or entity. Unless noted otherwise, these transcripts are sourced right from the formal scripts, closed captions, or internal text information with just minimal alterations for typos and formatting functions.

It is possible to assist clean these pages by correcting spelling and grammar, removing informative mistakes and spinning areas to make certain these are generally clear and concise, and going some elements whenever appropriate. Kindly inform the administrators before getting rid of this template. The following is a listing of estimates from the Overwatch Voice , heard through the PA systems found in numerous Combine-occupied places and through the real human Overwatch devices’ radios.

Text information from a number of the Half-Life 2. Supposedly become played in case of Breen ‘s teleport failure. Jump to: navigation , search. Categories : Quotes posts for tidy up Quotes by technology. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit See history. Donate to the OverWiki. This site was last altered on 17 February , at interest, ground products – anti-citizen reported in this neighborhood.

Code: lock, cauterize, stabilize. You might be charged with anti-civil activity degree 1. Protection Units: prosecution rule: duty, sword, operate. Text data includes a first sentence perhaps not spoken: “specific – you are faced with failure to comply with municipal request amount 2. Protection staff alert: proof of anti-civil activity in this neighborhood: code assemble, clamp, have.

Individual, you are today faced with Socio-Endangerment, amount 5. Cease evasion immediately, obtain your decision. Individual, you will be found guilty of multi-anti-civil violations. Implicit citizenship revoked, condition: malignant. Attention please: unidentified individual of interest – confirm your civil condition with regional protection group straight away.

Attention please: Evasion behavior in line with mal-compliant defendant. Ground Protection Team: alert, code: separate, expose, administer. Citizen note: inaction is conspiracy. Report counter-behavior to a Civil Protection group instantly. Alert: Community Ground coverage units: Local unrest structure detected.

Assemble, administer, pacify. Attention Protection Team: status evasion in progress in this neighborhood. Reply, isolate, inquire. Attention all Ground Protection Teams: Autonomous wisdom has become in place. Sentencing is discretionary. Code: amputate, zero, confirm. Attention all Ground Protection groups: Judgement waiver now in effect. Capital prosecution is discretionary.

Attention occupants: your block is now faced with permissive sedentary coercion. Individual: you might be charged with Socio-endangerment, degree 1. Protection Units: prosecution signal: duty, sword, midnight. Resident notice: priority recognition check in development. Please assemble in your designated evaluation roles.

Attention residents: miscount detected in your block. Collaboration with your Civil Protection group allows full ration reward. Attention residents: This block includes possible civil disease. Inform, cooperate, assemble. Attention community: unrest procedure signal is now in effect. Inoculate, guard, pacify. Code: pressure, sword, sterilize. Overwatch acknowledges vital exogen breach. Airwatch augmentation force dispatched and inbound.

Hold for reinforcement. Contact condition zero with land-sea intercept groups. Possible Anticitizen One re-infection. All Nova Prospekt stabilization delegates move to hard points.

Attention Nova Prospekt interior containment groups. Deservice all political conscripts in block A7. Prohibit exterior contact. Surveillance and detection methods inactive. Staying stabilization associates report containment standing please. Contact has actually moved to prevent D8. Sterilizers and containment areas are affected. Airwatch enlargement force six, eight, fall and converge immediately.

Priority Alarm: Nova Prospekt exogen breach. Perimeter interaction status zero. Internal stabilization groups deploy sterilizers in suspected disease obstructs A5, A7, B2.

Incursion Warning. Airwatch reports likely Anticitizen Freeman re-acquired zone Nova Prospekt. Surface products deprioritize exogen containment. Hold for override rules. Malignant Viral Interface bypass recognized. Polyphasic core reprogramming detected. Attention ground units. Mission failure will result in permanent offworld project. Code note: sacrifice, coagulate, clamp. Nonstandard Exogen activity detected. Execute containment treatment and report. Priority Warning. Outland stabilization power six Nova Prospekt.

Perimeter restrictors disengaged. Priority caution: border restrictors disengaged. All stabilization delegates relocate to incursion difficult things instantly. Protection alarm: prohibited counter-resonant singularity unit detected. Deploy, Diagnose, Dissect. Stabilization Team: failure to deal with identified local outbreak will force team remember and recycle. Attention Stabilization Team frontrunner.

Report de-serviced unit to sterilized body matter ratio for reinforcement, incentive, or removal handling. Security Alarm: Unregistered tools detected. Confiscation field involved. From Half-Life 2.

Warning: Counter-resonant singularity unit detected. Confiscation field failure. Continuous sector sweep. Biotics confirmed. Manage area sector brush. Remote conformity. Seek passive signature imprint. Mandate sublevel restrictions. All autonomous units: Accept mandatory industry assimilation.


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rows · the next is a listing of estimates from the Overwatch Voice, heard through the PA systems . Most readily useful vocals line combos Ana. Will you be frightened? Don’t be afraid! Everyone dies. Brigitte. No shortcuts, simply | mace towards the face! You won’t | be reasonable! Junkrat. Happy birthday dipstick! Merry Christmas! dipstick! Gotcha! dipstick! Hanzo. I choose you, SAKE! There was beauty in | SAKE!. Apr 09,  · Overwatch quotes – Genji. “A constant blade balances the soul.” – default. “Come on!” – 25 credits. “Kuso!” – 25 credits. “Kakugo!” – 25 credits. “Iza jinjō ni shōbu approximated Reading Time: 4 mins.

Overwatch is one of my favourite games. In order to simplify once I say Overwatch voice lines, it’s the ones you are able to control when you look at the game, and not all of the quotes. This really is stated by Soldier: we look for this sound line is funny, because we just picture an old guy on his porch with a beer, shouting in the kids running on his forward yard.

And so I sit-in front side of my computer and smile everytime we notice this voice range in Overwatch. Stated by Zarya , and once again I discover this Overwatch vocals line enjoyable. And so I discover this somewhat more pleasurable compared to previous voice range.

That is said by Ashe. I like Ashe and I like a lot of her sound lines, but also for myself here is the most readily useful. We imagine utilizing it immediately after you have killed some body when you look at the online game as Ashe. Just because i simply heard another player make use of it right after they killed someone with Ashe I would personally love it. We believe it is become a bit tasteful to state this like that. I possibly could quickly imagine it used in a Western. I perform more Ashe than Zarya and Soldier: 76, but nonetheless not often enough thus I can use it a great deal. I assume, i am going to simply have to wait to discover if someone utilizes it the way in which i really hope they.

This Overwatch vocals range is also just like very easy to purchase or attain given that two others. This is certainly said by my man, Junkrat! I love Junkrat and I also are a Junkrat main. I prefer that Overwatch sound line much. I’m generally saying it when he states it. I have a thing for fire and explosives and I also have already been informed i will be the female form of Junkrat so naturally this will find yourself on the record. It’s also simple to buy or achieve — thank goodness.

Of program said by Baptiste. I favor this voice range given that it states such about being a support. I would be a Junkrat primary, but We also perform Moira and Mercy plenty. It sucks when you go through an entire online game and no one thanks you for the recovery. Yet another thing i prefer about this Overwatch voice line is the sarcasm Baptiste makes use of when he claims it. Again, this is also a voice range this is certainly simple to buy or attain. This Overwatch vocals range is delivered to us from Reaper.

I prefer Reaper as a character & most of his dark sound lines are amazing read a-Mei-zing. However I chose this given that it speaks to the darker core of my heart. We have myself said this various other games We have played before We started playing Overwatch, if enemies respawned. We mostly played Reaper when I started playing Overwatch because I declined to try out Tracer since every person did that.

I used this vocals line a lot but today We pay attention to various other players using it. You can easily buy or attain such as the rest. Nothing else to say about that truly. Once more you can easily purchase or achieve. These smart words result from Moira. This really is probably among the sound lines in all of Overwatch I agree with the most. Moira truly has a spot right here. Of course everybody is allowed an opinion about an interest, but fact is realities and folks want to realize that sometimes. The main reason that this vocals line is at number 3 isn’t since it is funny, for the reason that it talks to me and I trust it.

Moira is a character I play a whole lot and I also like it. Her character additionally actually talks to me and I enjoy every game where I get become her. And undoubtedly i take advantage of that voice range when I have the chance. It is possible to buy or attain. So indeed I have two McCree vocals lines back at my top I discover this sound line to be funny and I also smile laugh inside my mind just contemplating McCree saying it. This voice line, such as the rest, is simple to purchase or attain. Now it is time for my absolute favourite vocals range in all of Overwatch.

I will be astonished if there will previously be a vocals line I am going to love much more. Reaper, you have got done it once again. Another a-Mei-zing voice line. I can hear it several times in a-row and still keep laughing. Directly, i enjoy believe that it’s a cookie, or snacks. Like I stated earlier in the day I played Reaper whenever I began playing Overwatch, but maybe i will begin playing him once again some more.

And employ that Overwatch sound line every time. I am hoping you liked reading my top ten Overwatch Voice Lines listing. Have you got a favourite Overwatch voice line, or 3, or 5, or 10 anything like me?

This website uses Akismet to cut back junk e-mail. Understand how your comment data is processed. Young punks… Get off my lawn! Soldier: 76 9. Zarya 8. Just taking right out the garbage Which is said by Ashe. Ashe 7. Junkrat 6. Baptiste 5. Reaper 4. Pretty good. McCree 3. Stupidity just isn’t the right These smart words result from Moira. Moira 2. You appear familiar.

Reaper doing his neck shrug pose i am hoping you enjoyed reading my Top 10 Overwatch Voice Lines listing. Remain Cozy and also a nice day!

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