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The Burrito is, obviously, a huge burrito created by the Mexican-themed restaurant, Purrito. It made its first and only appearance into the titular episode, ” Burrito “. It really is a big, “bear-sized” burrito, seen for some associated with the episode covered up in tinfoil.

Later, when it is hit by lightning, it turns into a black colored, charred goop. It absolutely was served by a Purrito waiter, as an element of their Burrito Challenge. When the Waiter and two cooks came on with all the burrito, Grizzly had grown a sudden emotional accessory to it.

Due to the attachment, he was apparently obsessed with it when you look at the eyes associated with two other Bears. Grizzly ended up dubbing it the ” secured Burrito “. As time proceeded, the burrito began to rot and gave down a foul odor. It was what received the range for Panda and Ice Bear , and additionally they ended up kidnapping the burrito in an attempt to snap Grizzly away from their obsessive period.

The entire fiasco was cut quick by a lightning attack. It strike the burrito, causing it to explode into a charred muddy muck. The Bears later laughed it down and headed house. Because they headed back into the cave through the forest , Grizzly wondered why he was so obsessed with the burrito, ultimately causing a flashback, thus exposing why he was so attached to it, while he had been conserved from a tree and presented on to a fireman’s cuff.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Register Don’t have a free account? Begin a Wiki. This short article is approximately the item. You may be interested in the event. Appearance it’s a sizable, “bear-sized” burrito, seen for some of the episode wrapped up in tinfoil. Burrito it absolutely was served by a Purrito waiter, as an element of their particular Burrito Challenge.

Trivia Grizzly discovered comfort in the burrito, since it resembled a Fireman ‘s cuff he had latched onto as a cub while he was being conserved from a tree. The burrito’s components feature animal meat, mozzarella cheese, salsa, rice, and differing other unnamed ingredients. The burrito is detailed as “?!!?!?

Additionally it is named ” That One” by one of many waitresses. It might be considered a mystery burrito. Grizzly views the burrito as male, as he relates to it with masculine pronouns, such as “him” when showing offense at Panda for saying it smelled awful.

Here is the just food in the series so far that wasn’t consumed. The burrito had made a cameo in the episode, ” More Everyone’s Tube “, with Grizzly keeping a much smaller version of the burrito firmly throughout the complete version of ” We’ll Be indeed there “. Groups :. Universal Conquest Wiki. Eucalyptus Pop!


Burrito we bare bears.Burrito/Transcript | We Bare Bears Wiki | Fandom

[Grizzly, holding burrito, is riding up an escalator, accompanied by Panda and Ice Bear. Scene cuts to while watching burrito, men and women chattering from the row beside the Bears. Grizzly’s face leans into the scene from behind the burrito while he smiles] [Scene slices to the Bears walking through the shopping center, Panda and Ice Bear in the foreground. Aug 06,  · Directed by Manny Hernandez. With Eric Edelstein, Keith Ferguson, Demetri Martin, Bobby Moynihan. While going to a burrito place, Grizz becomes enthusiastic about a bear-sized burrito that ultimately becomes their whole life/10(3). Initially Appearance. Purrito is a Mexican-themed restaurant that made its very first and, to date, just look within the episode ” Burrito “. Its mascot is a ginger cat. The restaurant hosts the Burrito Challenge. The challenge will be, evidently, consume every burrito the restaurant is offering within an hour. Grizzly had tried to perform the process in half an hour or so and nearly been successful, but he refused to eat the major, bear-sized Burrito.

Feel free to enhance this page as long as the information comes straight from the episode. Panda is looking at their phone at a GPS while they’re walking along the sidewalk.

Panda: Says which is it’s the following They walk only past their destination. Oh, oh, we passed it. Straight back up. Grizzly: There it is, I view it! They attempt to go inside but bump in to the home. They decide to try again and go in. Ice Bear : He’s finishes chewing on chips. Ice Bear need more no-cost potato chips. He continues to chew. Grizzly: their face is right up in the selection. Exactly what can you tell me relating to this!? He slides the menu across the table, exposing a section near the top of the selection about a Burrito Challenge.

Waiter: flourish in eating our whole variety of burritos in one time [Screen pans to wall of pictures] , and you should get our picture up on our wall surface!

It can be quite difficult though. I would be lying if We told you there have beenn’t going to be rips included Grizzly: Chuckling. Oh , that is adorable. He wipes a tear from their eye. Oh, I’ll do your precious challenge and I also’ll do it in half an hour! Waiter: Okay. He presses the commencement option additionally the timekeeper starts ticking. Grizzly: He yawns as he picks up the burrito, unwraps it, and eats it in two bites.

Waiter: Checking off burritos on number as Grizzly eats all of them, staring at Grizzly in awe. Waiter: He prevents the timekeeper as he keeps eye connection with Grizzly.

Then he converts to look at the timekeeper. Fifteen minutes! That’s an innovative new record! But there is nonetheless one final burrito Waiter: He nods with a solemn appearance, searching appropriate at the Waitress. We have no option. Get it done. Waitress: on the go, she works over to the wall surface and, pressing open a painting to show a red key, she pushes it. Chefs rapidly stop whatever they’re performing and begin making a very huge burrito] [Waiter walks over the Chefs to monitor their particular progress].

Panda: He holds a-sudden appearance of surprise while he takes a glimpse associated with wrapped up burrito. Uh , Grizz He does not eliminate attention connection with the burrito. Grizzly: Hm? He converts to look at the burrito, revealing Panda’s phrase the moment he views it. Grizzly: Vigorously tapping paws resistant to the mind of their seat, making noises of excitement. He gets down their chair and operates up to the burrito. Gimme, gimme, gimme!

Grizzly: He stumbles a bit to start with because of the size of the burrito, but he handles getting a beneficial hold. With a second of silence, Grizzly begins to hug the burrito, laying his head right on it and, with sparkling eyes, gradually going his head down and up with convenience.

Grizzly: Yeah It is simply this burrito , it’s So comforting. He continues to snuggle the burrito. Safe burrito Grizzly: Shaking his head no, still holding onto the burrito. N- no! It really is also perfect to eat! Grizzly: Stay away! You stay away from burrito! He seems back toward Panda and Ice Bear, keeping the burrito near. Let us get out of here guys! Using the burrito with him, Grizzly runs out of the restaurant and down the sidewalk out of the scene, Ice Bear and Panda seeing him as he will leave.

Waiter: Walks as much as Panda and Ice Bear with a clipboard in-hand. He tears down a check and slams it on the dining table. The scene pans up to show a worried Panda]. Ice Bear: He’s perspiring and panting as a result of body weight associated with the burrito in addition to Grizzly. Panda: finding out about at Grizz with a worried expression. Uh, are we actually gonna keep that thing?

Grizzly: Speaking soon after Panda. Hey , a theatre! He looks down seriously to Panda and Ice Bear. We must watch a film! Come on, come on, come on! He looks back toward Panda once he reaches the booth.

It’s your consider pay Panda! He looks at the Ticket Booth, clearing their neck, whilst the various other two get to the booth. Three ticke– He taps the little microphone, causing minor comments. Could you hear me personally? You have four men and women there. Film Reception Lady: You’ll have to pay for the thing as well. She points during the burrito. Panda: Uh, there has to be a misunderstanding here. You see He points in the burrito. Which is simply a burrito! Grizzly: Hey!

Watch what you say, man! Burrito’s gonna enjoy this film! He hugs the burrito then whispers to it. Do not tune in to that absurd Panda It’s fine!

Panda: He takes out a pink wallet with a strawberry on it, looking inside it. Then looks as much as the Ticket Boot woman. Uh, any discounts for the burrito? Panda: Looks down with frustration and annoyance, reaching into his wallet to get some cash. He mutters. Grizzly puts some popcorn from the burrito.

The scene pans up to a Panda with a fairly disgusted phrase while he talks about the burrito. He then notices the popcorn and tries to eat it, but Grizzly slaps their paws away, the scene panning back over to Grizzly that is shaking his head no]. Scene slices to at the burrito, men and women chattering regarding the line beside the Bears.