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Sunlight, Mar 1, was. After essentially being forced to ‘upgrade’ to X1 solution in order to keep our worldwide service, we found X1 inexplicably uses a display screen saver that had not element of our legacy service for 15 years.

We continued to uncover the display saver may not be handicapped for over 5 hours, really rendering our additional DVR useless. We’ve no desire to subscribe Xfinity’s DVR and feel Xfinity has to be reminded modern-day LCD displays don’t require screen savers and thus demand, maybe not ask, this useless function be removed or even the power to disable it entirely be added.

Nothing less is going to do. Accepted Solution. Xfinity needs to be reminded modern-day LCD shows do not require display savers and thus demand, maybe not ask, this useless function be eliminated or the ability to disable it completely be included. OLEDs tend to be extremely prone to burn in, though.

There is certainly never a nonetheless display. Whenever can there be ever risk of a still screen on something we watch with X1?? irrespective that needs to be your preference if you falsely think the screen will burn-up on pause. Thats when the display saver should kick in. As long as screen is paused to long. Our environment is the same; 5 hours as well as the television is off.

The screen saver will activate after hours no matter whether the television is on or down. In the event that DVR is set beyond the 5 hour limit, it will record the display screen saver rather than the desired program. I am happy to listen to you don’t have the issue.

My point is a display saver must not engage as soon as the device its designed to protect just isn’t also on. Nor should an individual be forced to use a feature they don’t require or wish.

By all means make use of it if you like or require it, but offer an easy method to disable it for anyone of us that don’t. This is not an unreasonable demand, unless the complete point of perhaps not providing a disable function when it comes to display screen saver is always to force consumers to buy X1 DVR service. Xfinity, care to comment at all? I do not undersatnd??? With my solution, the display saver will only appear once I pause the things I’m viewing. I’ve mine set to engage the screensaver at 5 minutes when paused.

Anytime we do not touch our TV remote even in the event viewing live television Its absurd. Like we are kids with restricted television time. I will be allowed to keep it on. Furthemore, our Xfinity history system did not have an auto screen saver and now we got on well without it for 15 years making use of both CRT and Liquid Crystal Display displays, making its addition to X1 an unwelcome and an inconvenient surprise. No, but however, I’m not possessing legacy equipment after my upgrade to X1 almost five years ago. I don’t have a concern with being able to disable the display screen saver, but phoning it a “pointless” feature is blatantly untrue, given that OLEDs are quite vunerable to burn in.

Not every person’s TV habits – or gear – will probably be like yours. The last poster also raised a legitimate point – just how exactly will you be making use of your Xfinity device to record everything, especially if you appear to require a lot more than 5 hours without having the display saver engaging? The difference is our external DVR will capture the screen saver and not the desired program if we aren’t house to disable the display screen saver beyond its 5 time maximum environment.

Therefore from my point of view, the screen saver is pointless. As I mentioned formerly, we had a CRT TV, that are also susceptible to burn off in, while using Xfinity and never had a screen saver immediately engage and it also ended up being never ever an issue for all of us. We talk just from my personal point of view. Our company is staying away from Xfintiy’s DVR solution and feel we ought to not be obligated to pay it off because Xfinity included a screen saver that simply cannot be handicapped, which basically renders our external DVR worthless when we desire to record a course beyond the 5 time optimum.

Therefore, we only need to to disable it. It is that simple. Would it not truly be so very hard for Xfinity allowing the user to disable the display saver in the event that don’t need or need it? It appears this issue happens to be on opting for a while. And yet Xfinity did nothing to address it.

I’ve delivered 2 support needs to Comcast on this issue and also not received a reply. There are also numerous threads complaning about the inability to disable the screen saver heading back a couple of years today and Comcast doesn’t appear enthusiastic about repairing this dilemma with their clients while they did absolutely nothing to solve it. To say they are unable to fix is clearly false. It would be a simple software update. They don’t wish to fix.

ChrisM60 i’m getting informed exact same [Edited: “Language”]. Most of us want to hold pressing this to make them to change. I am tired of not being capable of getting man located in US whenever we call and these call facilities out of country are clearly taught to detour this type of problem. And you also cannot get supervisor or American whenever demand.

Isn’t this up against the laws and regulations for people company? I simply found this display saver limit. Xfinity allows me run my applications but display screen saver kicks in while the software Spotify, as an example is earnestly displaying in the display.

Yes, I set it out to 5 hours today, but which makes no good sense. It should perhaps not go into screen saver mode even though the system application, flow, or television service is energetic. Xfinity Discussion Board. What is the Point of the Screen Saver? Like Comment Follow. Reactions Accepted Solution.

ChrisM60 had written: Xfinity needs to be reminded modern-day LCD displays don’t require screen savers and thus demand, maybe not ask, this pointless function be removed or even the ability to disable it entirely be included.

When is the screensaver engaging? ChrisM60 wrote: i am happy to listen to you don’t have the situation. ChrisM60 penned: My point is a screen saver should not engage once the product it really is supposed to protect is not also on. In the event that device is not on, what difference does it make in the event that display saver engages or not? ChrisM60 published: darkangelic “If the product just isn’t on, what difference does it make in the event that display saver engages or perhaps not?

ChrisM60 composed: I have sent 2 support needs to Comcast about this concern and also have not obtained an answer. They should stop this non sence it should be the clients choice. Cancel Article. New to the Community? Begin Right Here.


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x Comcast Caterwauling: Xfinity On Need May Regroup with Pre-Roll Install. x Comcast unveils Stream, a new internet television solution for $15 per month. Download. x Comcast / Time Warner Cable / Charter Transactions Terminated. ted Reading Time: 1 min. From new flicks to complete seasons of current television shows and tons of kids programs, XFINITY On Demand™ gets the best collection of activity choices that one can view on your own schedule, instantly. Many flicks are available 30 days before Netflix® or Redbox® — the good thing is 90% tend to be free. Aug 13,  · we was surfing the comcast on need just now and have now come across the television screen savers. they are terrible. the aquarium one has the audio from a beach (wave crashing) together with movie quality is bad and it also says its hd. the hawiian sunset has actually people perambulating at the end of .

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