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Scary phone call prank.Scary Phone Numbers to Phone


Scary Cell Phone Numbers To Phone – Avoid These Without Exceptions!.Scary Cell Phone Numbers To Call – Avoid These No Matter What!


Searching for a Paranormal Experience? These scary cell phone numbers to call are assured to offer rather a fright. Unless you are ready to have a few sleepless nights, I would personally avoid them no matter what. Seeking to give someone the dare of a lifetime? Then continue reading because i discovered a dozen troubled phone numbers simply waiting in order to connect with somebody from the other side. Every quantity has a tale. Before we start, i have to tell you to definitely never ever give fully out any information that is personal to strangers — regardless of who they really are.

If somebody actually does collect, remember that! Dead or undead! You need to protect your self and the final thing you want to do is phone a random quantity and start discussing in your geographical area and who you really are. Rumor has actually it that in the event that you call , the people on the other end will be able to track you.

An individual will be kidnapped, you may then often be tortured or killed. The reason why exposure it?! In the drive, they found a song and a random MP3 file.

In the file had been this phone number. Whenever dialed, a recorded phone tap could be heard. If you wish to see the transcripts, they have been right here. Pretty creepy. If you would like hear it first hand, switch away! This is actually the real recording you will hear if you call Phone and all you will definitely hear is a bunch of numbers — 0s and 1s to be certain. Over and over again. Exactly what does it all mean? Pretty creepy, right?!

Surely belongs on our variety of haunted numbers. Understanding occurring? I do believe you need to stay away from no matter what as this is completely some of those creepy figures to call that really work. In fact, those that have tried this quantity report they continue steadily to obtain texts and calls — all hours of this night. Exactly What Appears Can Ghosts Make? This recording is of a guy and girl taking turns saying total sentences in order to do a phone quality sound check.

Odds are they will certainly freak-out a little. Rumor features it that initial three people who had this number all died and now the phone business will no longer provide off to anyone else. People from all over the world dare themselves to phone the amount to see if they can survive the curse. This is certainly additionally a great anyone to share with unknowing friends. Maybe not troubled, just creepy. Yes, you can phone Wrinkles the Clown. But right here we’re! Scare everyone you understand and book Wrinkles by dialing this spooky number for an upcoming celebration.

Absolute sadness and remorse. Worry, despair. What’s the sobbing guy therefore upset about? This is particular to the ones that are now living in Japan. Legend has it whenever you call this quantity, you then become cursed. It had been originally made to market The Ring movie, but has actually since taken on a life of the own. When adequate people are afraid of anything — all that energy builds. Are you going to provide any of these frightening cell phone numbers to call an attempt?

I hope perhaps not! It is impossible I am touching these cursed telephone numbers! Your email address won’t be posted. Save my title, mail, and web site in this browser for the next time I comment. These paranormal stories and troubled ghost tales had been published by supernatural fans and not demonology specialists. Dreaming of Ice Cream: Ice Cre.. TAGS games. Just How To Conjure A Gnome.

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Frightening call prank.Scary Phone Numbers to Call

We’re the number 1 prank call web site on the net! Forward pre-recorded prank calls to your friends from a disguised number, then install and share the taped reactions on Facebook and Twitter! Page 1 – PrankDial. Scary Prank Call 1. Select from the list of the scariest figures, whom you would you like to call you. 2. Set Name, telephone and photography 3. Fool your friends!!!/5(). I consent to capture this call aided by the understanding that the individual i’m calling is not found in the following states: CA, PA, FL, IL, MI, WA, MD, MA, CT, NV, NH or MT. ON. OFF. Include “You’ve been pranked” Adds “you’ve already been pranked” watermark towards the end associated with the telephone call. ON.

Although we normally think about prank calls as the main variety of phone-call based enjoyment, that’s not the scenario!

Think of frightening movies or shows where in actuality the protagonist, and even a part character, gets a call with a creepy vocals if not heavy respiration on the phone — frightening things, appropriate?

You will bring that experience home! There are lots of various telephone numbers that you can phone being actual real and functioning lines and will create your skin crawl and have now you switching on all your valuable lights! This telephone number takes you towards the tip line for the imaginary SCP Foundation, that will be a secret organization whose function is always to include and study different paranormal phenomena, such as a staircase that descends infinitely or a coffee machine that will develop any fluid.

These phenomena are known as SCP objects and, if kept for their very own products, might be an immediate menace to humanity and reality. Once you call this number, a recorded message will welcome you and direct you to definitely keep a message detailing a paranormal incident. In theory, this incident are going to be investigated by the SCP Foundation, that may make use of its unique abilities to deal with the phenomena. Unsurprisingly, the SCP Foundation originated on 4chan, an internet forum known because of its preferred and provocative topics.

Ever watch Hostel? This number definitely gives some Hostel vibes — pun intended. This telephone number is a purple room number, a phone line which supposedly may be used to see that physical location of the caller.

Once the located area of the caller is identified, the caller is supposedly kidnapped and delivered to a single purple area. Here, the caller is tortured and then killed, and these torture sessions are supposedly broadcast survive the dark internet, a scary a chaotic an element of the internet. Needless to say, this can be just an urban legend. Using this quantity, knowing binary rule will likely make it specially creepy!

Whenever phoning this quantity, you can expect to hear a guy who is reciting binary signal in the message. The man seems frightened while delivering the rule and after he completes the code there are noises, sounding both human and otherworldly. Few things are creepier than clowns. If you call this quantity, Wrinkles may pick up and talk with you or you will be provided for his voicemail. What does Wrinkles The Clown even do?

He’ll offer his services of turning up to your dwelling and scaring your children if they are misbehaving. He could be obviously positioned in Naples, FL, but I do maybe not believe he lets that limit him offering up his solutions.

There’s been video footage of him showing up and scaring individuals children in There has also already been a documentary debunking their presence. Phoning this number will require you to definitely a phone tree-esque hotline that is connected to the gaming Kentucky path Zero. Although the number and some regarding the content is connected to the game, you don’t need to try out the game to activate aided by the telephone number. As a phone tree experience, you can expect to essentially get own phone-based type of a choose your very own tale.

Based on your alternatives, you certainly will experience an unusual and weird trip from the standpoint of one associated with figures of this online game. While it is perhaps not a scary phone number, that is certainly a surreal adventure over the phone! This is certainly another number associated with videos game, especially Hotline Miami. You’ve got reached the wrong quantity. It’s a fairly quick message, but it is nevertheless really creepy since the vocals through the entire telephone call is altered.

Individuals have recited tales of the experiences when calling these numbers together with regrettable ramifications of the calls. Phoning this number takes you to an answering device for Boothworld Industries, notifying you that your particular quantity is logged and you will be tracked. From the sub-reddit, there are plenty of those who tell tales of exactly what happened in their mind after calling this number, such as planning unusual warehouses, mysterious company cards appearing in their house while they tend to be home, etc.

While nothing of those experiences have already been shown to be real, they undoubtedly provide towards the lore surrounding this contact number and Boothworld Industries. Some individuals have actually mentioned that the answering device message could be the noise of a chainsaw and a man reciting figures. The figures are not fundamentally clear since they are maybe not a functioning number in as well as on their own, therefore we are not sure what the numbers are in mention of. In inclusion, some people argue that the sound they notice is not of chainsaws, however some various other form of noise.

This number is a pretty easy one, but very creepy all the same. When phoning this quantity you will hear exactly what feels like a man sobbing over and over repeatedly, together with vocals echoing into the history. There is the sound of leaking, providing you with the effect that he is in some moist location. Then you definitely notice someone or something like that in the background yelling until the line dies on. This phone number could be the hotline for Creepy Co. This phone tree enables you to do many different things, such as listen to urban legends, demand to hear scary music, etc.

Creepy Co. When you call you’ll be sent to a directory from which you can select your options outlined for you personally.

Benefit from the journey you are going in! Calling this quantity need you pay attention to some odd noises, among them being feasible sounds. It isn’t really clear the information associated with message regarding the phone call. Once the phone call is over and you hang up the phone, you start straight away obtaining text messages out of this quantity. Generally the emails are going to be words strung collectively to make absurd sentences.

Every time you call, you may not obtain the same text message, however they will still maybe not make any good sense irrespective. Once more, like a number of the various other figures, it is not always frightening, however it could have some unusual outcomes! These telephone numbers are a mix which range from creepy to odd to down-right scary. Several of those have significantly more ominous tones and attempt to keep an air of mystery for them, while others are clear inside their intention consequently they are only trying to host you.

Seriously call these numbers at your own risk and try not to ever freak yourself out too much! Have a great time and become safe! I am the president and editor of PA.

We are now living in Central Ca and luxuriate in things paranormal, after having my first paranormal experience at the age of twelve. Save my title, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Scary Phone Numbers to Phone While we normally think about prank calls as being the primary style of phone-call based entertainment, that is not the truth!

The SCP Foundation Idea Line This phone number takes you into the tip line for the imaginary SCP Foundation, which can be a secret company whoever purpose is to include and study various paranormal phenomena, such as for example a staircase that descends infinitely or a coffee maker that may create any fluid.

Binary Death With this number, understanding binary signal is likely to make it especially creepy! Wrinkle, The Clown Few things tend to be creepier than clowns. After making your message you could or may not get a call right back, but obviously many people do! The Crying guy This number is a pretty easy one, but very creepy the same.

Strange Texts Calling this number have you hear some odd noises, included in this becoming feasible voices. Conclusion These cell phone numbers are all a mix which range from creepy to strange to down-right frightening.