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It allows monitoring and logging of mobile community parameters without needing specific equipment. You can use it by professionals to obtain better understanding regarding the system or by radio enthusiasts to learn more about wireless communities. It can be utilized even if you want just to make effortless representation of the traveled path. The following is a video clip demonstration of G-NetTrack Pro. Here is a playlist of movies showing G-NetTrack Pro programs. Download pdf version of the handbook — here.

Using application you can easily identify network problems like: — bad coverage — low RXLEVEL — reasonable uplink and downlink data throughput — lack of dominant server causing large amount of cell reselections and regular service interruptions — if the serving mobile time is tiny — weak 3G coverage — when you yourself have a lot of reselections between cells on 3G and 2G — blocked calls — dropped calls.

You have access to app folder using USB link with Computer or from phone making use of file supervisor software that includes usage of all folders on phone. The data exhibited for each loss is. CELL loss reveals system and geographical information.

Additionally shows history log of the offering cells. The shown information is:- Operator — the name of one’s cordless supplier — MCC — Cellphone Country Code — it is a 3 digit code special for every single country — MNC — Cellphone Network Code — its 2 or 3 digits rule and it is specific for every operator in the united kingdom — LAC — location area code — the system is split by place places, when the subscriber is paged in all cells simultaneously.

On 4G it shows enodeB ID. This worth is not reported by most phones. It is measured on LTE only. It really is calculated on 4G only. Place determination could be predicated on GPS or system utilizing Google location solution — making use of serving and neighbor cells or WiFi systems — Height — the difference between Altitude and Ground values — Altitude — the GPS measured height — level — the ground amount height — it is ajustable in configurations. If cellfile is used this range additionally shows the serving cell title and cell level.

The table also reveals mobile helping time which can be ideal for spotting regular cellular reselection and not enough dominant cells. Additionally right here you’re able to see loss in network coverage — rows with amount values add up to NEI tab shows information on next-door neighbor cells dimensions. It contains two tables: — Serving cellular table — shows information about current serving cellular id and degree. The neighbor cells information is maybe not reported by all phones.

Examine phone dimension abilities to learn more. MAP tab shows geographic view of hte measurements and mobile system basestations. Regarding the 2nd line there is certainly information about the exact distance to providing cellular and bearing to it. This information is present only when cellfile with networks cellular information is filled. With this row also is information regarding the GPS — if it has fix green shade or not red colorization.

This might be useful for regarding the fly recording of dimension if the logging function will not be fired up.

If the phone shows 0 unknown in idle or attached mode, check [Discard Network Type 0] in options so that you can report properly the amount. DRIVE tab represent the main serving cells information in comfortable format with huge font letters.

Options are triggered via Menu — Settings. There are numerous number of configurations, which are related to different software features:. Uncheck it to show speed in miles each hour. This does not impact the logfile — Auto clear log points — when it’s on then wood points may be cleared periodically in an effort their particular number become kept constant.

This can enhance application performance since way too many log things slow the application. If the purpose for autoclearing log points is on then when range things is bigger than this value an integral part of sign things is cleared. When it’s one of several cells from cellfile may be loaded at the program start. Requires restart of the application. Database cellular load is way quicker. Let me reveal demo video of cell database usage.

When it is off then loading will undoubtedly be quicker. If this is on running is quicker. If cellfile is much more present you will notice message and you may refresh database using Menu — Refresh cellular database. If you would like boost this number you can use the 2 features below to reach much better map performance — Visualize just sites in range — loads all of the cells, but visualize only websites in specified range — usefull if the cellfile is huge therefore the chart view is slowed up due to the fact big number of cells — Auto refresh sites in range — the nearby internet sites may be refreshed on location change whenever [Visualize just sites in range] is selected.

If you have no cellfile and both [Show Sites] and [Add unknown cells] are on, the application can establish brand-new cellfile as soon as the log is on it will begin completing it with brand new cells. On Map the button [Set Point] and center point will appear 3. aim your present place on the chart center and press [Set Point] — a marker can look on the chart 4. Move to the second point. Center map on it and push [Set Point] — several brand new markers one for each second will show up connecting earlier and current location 5.

Go through the course placing points when you change way. It is possible to clear the markers utilizing [CLR] button. Whenever GPS fix is lost the measurements are collected in a buffer and when the GPS fix has returned once again the lacking measurements are filled on a straight line linking the purpose of reduction and regaining GPS fix. Instead you can use the point set tool to set intermediate things if the course isn’t straight line — [Settings] — [Set Point in auto indoor mode]. How to use it: 1. Whenever among the circumstances is happy the GPS fix is recognized as maybe not legitimate and values tend to be colored in blue.

Start log. So as dimensions to be much more exact it is possible to wait just a little until GPS fix is lost at the start of the tunnel additionally the penetrating point is auto ready.

When you are out from the tunnel and GPS fix is valid the values for GPS accuracy and time are colored in green, the exiting point is auto set and also the missing measurements between entering and exiting point tend to be shown regarding the chart and filled in the log. In the event that telephone call has been handovered to 2G the sequence will wait until 3G is reselected again and then will continue — Keep app in foreground — keeps app in foreground during sound sequence On some mobile phones the software can start calls as long as software is within foreground.

In this situation keep the application in foreground so as to make phone calls. On these phones the possibility to help keep immediately app in foreground does not work which means you need certainly to deliver the software to foreground manually if it absolutely was in back ground. The format is much like www. It is recommended to create larger file that may never be installed completely for download time to have larger install speed. Useful when you want to view easily the maximum readily available bitrates — Multithread — when checked several simultaneous contacts will undoubtedly be used for upload and down load in Data make sure Data Sequence.

Making use of a few threads escalates the bitrates. Set number of multiple threads more than 1 and less or add up to quantity of phone Central Processing Unit. Make sure the phone processsor features at the least 8 cores to be able to make use of this. You can view results from the chart in datatest. Keep this down. You may see some messages even when everything works ok. In cases like this you’re going to get outcomes much like applications which use committed machines for data throughput test. Here’s a screenshot showing comparable outcomes in comparison to such apps.

However it will come in old app versions. The options for every sort of test is obtained from respective sequence options. Here you will find the configurations for allowing various measurements export while wood is started. In an effort this feature becoming readily available you really need to have cellular community information connection on. Turn your WiFi down in order to avoid place dedication predicated on WiFi communities.

In kml file there clearly was information about the cell place and accuracy. It can help to get understanding on cell dimensions bigger when reliability is higher quantity and area. When [Relative to ground] is selected level over floor is employed in kml and when [Absolute] — Altitude over sea level is used.

If part of dimension is relatively flat and walk out will not change much — [Relative to floor] is preferred if maybe not — [Absolute] is recommended. If [general to ground] is chosen make certain you adjusted [Settings — Map — Ground Level], so Height shows correct values because they is likely to be found in kml file. If this mode is employed the simplest way would be to examine exactly what Altitude shows whenever phone is on walk out and place this value in [Settings — Map — Ground Level].

Then the level will show 0 on walk out. Barometer is employed does not need become calibrated in this case. If [Absolute] is chosen and barometer is employed for level detemination be sure you set [Settings — Barometer — Barometer height correction], therefore Altitude shows proper values, because they are used in kml file. The easiest way to calibrate the barometer in this instance would be to determine from Google Earth the height for your location and adjust [Settings — Barometer — Barometer height correction] so Altitude B reveals Bing Earth price.

The folder must exist, otherwise the standard folder can be used. Make sure the folder name’s proper cause on some phnes it may possibly be different. Cellfile is required for this feature. When it’s on only unknown cells that are missing in cellfile will likely be printed in the text and kml sign data.

This particular feature pays to for Cell Hunters once they seek out brand new cells in th location. When it is on just known cells that come in cellfile is likely to be printed in the written text and kml sign files. This particular feature is advantageous for logging only data for certain cellular.

If usage technology offset is inspected you can set amount technology offset for different technologies. The offset is added to original price and can stay positive or bad.

Generally for 4G you can easily set as well as 3G this can change threshold settings of this legend for various technologies.


G net track pro.G-NetTrack Pro v [Patched] [Latest] | APK4Free

Jul 10,  · G-NetTrack Pro is a netmonitor and drive test device application for UMTS/GSM/LTE/CDMA/EVDO system. It allows monitoring and logging of cellular network serving and neighbor cells information without the need for specific gear. It is improved form of no-cost app G-NetTrack Lite with many more features and ted Reading Time: 3 minutes. Nov 01,  · G-NetTrack Pro is a netmonitor and drive test device application for 5G/4G/3G/2G community. It allows monitoring and logging of mobile network serving and neighbor cells information without using specific gear. It is an instrument and it’s really a toy. G-NetTrack Pro is a netmonitor and drive test device application for 5G/4G/3G/2G network. It permits monitoring and logging of cellular community serving and neighbor cells information without needing /5().

It permits monitoring and logging of cellular community serving and neighbor cells information without the need for specific equipment. It’s enhanced form of no-cost application G-NetTrack Lite with several more functions and fixes. The application utilizes runtime permissions. Grant needed permissions in Menu — App permissions so that you can make use of all application features.

The software steps degree, quality and frequency Android 7 for serving and neighbor cells. Dimensions are recorded in logfile. It is possible to start vocals, information or SMS sequences in order to monitor the network for blocked and dropped phone calls also to measure publish and install bitrate and SMS solution success rate. For those who have information regarding the sites you can develop cellfile and you may view websites on map — look at screenshots. When it is on the mobile modifications tend to be taped straight away and log time is as much as miliseconds v G-NetTrack Pro v This website utilizes Akismet to cut back junk e-mail.

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