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Can there be a location to freely protest and encourage King to create Paradise Bay straight back? I miss it so incredibly bad I miss it awful.

Welcome to the community Tammiej Unfortunately Paradise Bay has gone once and for all as well as even worse, it absolutely wasn’t Kings choice but their mother or father organization Activision. They made plenty of cuts and PB needed to be one of them. Trust in me I’m sure the manner in which you feel. Funky Bay is comparable but nowhere almost as good and I have however locate any such thing else on the market exactly the same.

Ugh worse than we imagined. Thank you, we unfortunately can perhaps not reinstall the app on my brand-new phone the logo continues to be during my listing but I cannot download it. So heartbroken. We played from perhaps within 30 days or two of launch until it was over.

Me too! The master staff had such plans for a brand new community also, I know the CMs on here had been just as gutted as I was. Believe me they knew how gutted I was. I’m hoping that somebody capatilises onto it and realises there is certainly an industry, cool bay is comparable, in some ways better but there are no pets while the problems that never get fixed are irritating.

I Play and get gems nonetheless it is a stop space until another thing better comes along. Hello Prii sadly haven Bay won’t be right back, its finished now. The same occurred to Hoop de Loop Saga. Back in the occasions the actual only real online game I played on Facebook was Puzzle Charms, a match 3 online game, but after Zynga shut it down in , a lot of the FB games I play tend to be King’s games and it is sad to see a lot of them need get too.

I hate game closures. Would you like to provide us with your viewpoint? Consider this helpful information first!! Brianwebster Posts: 2 Beginner. November in help. November Although I’m uncertain, i’m going to be able to present accurate information tomorrow. Perhaps you have passed away amounts in Candy Crush Saga? Collect your badge from HERE. Perhaps you have Finished Level ? Nice Like Haha. Hold social distancing.

Unless they all escape their coop needless to say! You might be extremely welcome Sadly missed, I loved that game and I cannot get a hold of one nearly as good! We also had the application and played the game. We liked it for just what it absolutely was. Wish we’re able to still play it even in the event it was simply a continuation of what they made of it to May. I’d the app but my phone had been taken and now absolutely nothing. Hope it comes down back. Me too Brianwebster unfortuitously though unless they offer it to someone, that we doubt, it generally does not appear to be it i understand it blindsided the people and even the king staff because they had such plans.

I will be playing funky bay but We skip my creatures and this online game can be so glitchy its incredible. I do believe its because its a tiny firm and they’ve got lots of ex bayers about it now. It could be awesome if King could at the very least allow someone get it. Ergo the reason i’m still maintaining the app, just when you look at the hope this one day it may. That’s not insider info though, but wishful thinking. They offered us a generous severance, but i really couldn’t bear purchasing the creatures as silly because it appears. I am hoping it or something very similar arrives, there was a huge gap in the market and absolutely nothing like it.

Tammiej97 Posts: 2 Newbie. March Thank you for visiting the community Tammiej97 regrettably Paradise Bay has gone once and for all as well as worse, it had beenn’t Kings choice but their moms and dad organization Activision.

Sweet two Love Haha. Sweet 1 Enjoy Haha. Prii Posts: 3 Newbie. August Please bring back paradise bay. Check in or Register to comment.


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Haven Bay Waterfront Grill & Bar, Roaming Shores, Ohio. 3, likes · 60 talking about that · 17, were right here. Just see our sister website at: /5(1). Mar 23,  · Paradise Bay is an excellent game and it’s really a darn shame it is shutting straight down. There isn’t any game that can match it that I’m alert to, and I suspect that numerous of these people are players that’ll not switch to another online game. I am playing since and my wife and year old mother also play. Nov 14,  · November @Sukanta_Biswas haven bay shut its doorways for the last amount of time in May for this 12 months. It’s unavailable to install due to the fact online game is not any more. The parent organization of king needed to make cutbacks and sadly haven bay ended up beingn’t doing along with other games. Personally I haven’t eliminated the software although it not any longer works.

My wife was playing this video game on her behalf phone for years, and is super sad they are closing it down. She’s probably purchased a fair wide range of “gems” from them also, to beautify her island and trade good fresh fruit, I guess. A few of the remarks are funny, in a heartbreaking way. Men and women truly spent a great deal in this video game, emotionally and economically.

They have been wondering that is likely to give the pets they bought to call home on the digital area. In the one-hand, the people tend to be sort of pissed off during the belated awareness that the gems these people were hoarding were constantly basically pointless, but on the other hand they wish to buy the final superpet or whatever because of their island before the volcano blows up. She would spend h each day farming things, no work no social life seldom eating any old thing.

GuiA on March 23, [—]. Reading the remarks is definitely fascinating. So many people claiming what a waste of time they now feel it was. Performed they anticipate the video game to last permanently? FussyZeus on March 23, [—]. This is particularly why I can’t remain the thought of these “games as a service” offerings. They truly are entirely influenced by some corporate hosted cloud service, and corporations of course are notable for long haul support and sticking out temporary setbacks- oh wait no, they bail in the very first sign of a game title not being anything significantly less than a meteoric success, fire the people which managed to make it, shutter the studio then look for something else to spoil.

Mind you King may be the main scumbag for the late-stage-capitalism AAA game industry scumbags, thus I expect nothing less. Either a-game makes all the money conceivable plus some inconceivable, in which case it “meets objectives” or it gets chucked in the container along side usually at least a hundred or so individuals livelihoods for good measure, while the decision manufacturers sail away on golden parachutes to fuck up another good company due to their nonsense.

Many casual gamers do not think concerning this stuff in this way. Hell, a number of the regular kind never often. Oahu is the brand new shiny thing and everyone loves it as it’s brand new and shiny, let us all play it for awhile until the next brand-new shiny comes out, then we’ll all go play that and forget nevertheless much cash we sunk to the old one.

I mightn’t. I’d make a game with longevity in your mind rather than just making as much money as I perhaps could as soon as possible, and steer clear of establishing unrealistic goals and so I didn’t need certainly to shut down a game hauling in that which was evidently a significant portion of million dollars per year, which should be more than enough to maintain a fairly sized business, because I experiencedn’t were able to corner the entire cellular online game market to produce some buyer cudhole pleased.

Sorry if the bitterness is powerful right here. I am enthusiastic about work similar to this and I do not care exactly how informal a casino game may be, it plainly had a lot of fans, had been making a lot of money, nevertheless now is power down and 78 folks are away from work because some arsehole saturated in an organization somewhere was not making enough gold to place under their wings.

The whole lot is sad and stupid and unneeded. Paradise Bay is a superb online game and it’s really a darn shame it’s shutting straight down. There is no online game that can compare with it that I’m alert to, and I suspect that many of these players are people that won’t change to another game. I’ve been playing since and my partner and year-old mother also perform. There’s really an opportunity right here for some various other studio to pick up the items of this making some funds.

Hello future! Kind to know the singularity has not wiped us all completely at that time. Stratoscope on March 23, [—]. You will get therefore immersed into the online game that time goes backwards. Is 10 million loads? Relative to your typical whale? Oh exactly what a coincidence. They provided me with the all clear but we keep getting that damn pop-up saying I need to enroll it with z2live. ChrisCinelli on March 23, [—].

It is usually unfortunate to see a residential district you prefer disappear, but i believe it is good lesson when freemium games with in-game buying disappear.

It’s an evil, awful model that uses psychological trickery to slowly milk enormous amounts of income from people. Losing that will make everyone think twice before falling for that technique again. At the least with a monthly pay-as-you-go model, that you don’t feel just like you are purchasing an asset. When a totally free online game gets you to definitely invest hundreds of bucks on aesthetic trinkets, you feel like you’re purchasing some thing permanent.

CaraLynn on March 27, [—]. I completely agree with you! It constantly fascinates me personally when folks see the termination of a game title they enjoyed for thousands of hours suddenly decide it had been all a “waste of time” considering that the hosts tend to be closing down. Why can’t folks fondly remember and cherish the memories with some thing or somebody they enjoyed hanging out with? Whenever a loved one passes away do you really decide on a regular basis you spent with them ended up being a waste?

It’s clear becoming upset or unfortunate or furious, but to consider your previous pleasure and involvement as a waste? This probably speaks the maximum amount of to the addictive chemical nature among these style of perpetual slot machine game games whenever the thoughtlessness in the phrase of the community people who’re upset by it closing down.

Yes, it’s somehow better to think about it in this manner, but the FACT continues to be that – however much you might enjoy spending time with a game such as this, say: in-game ; there’s no questioning that it is actually a waste of the time, since every thing about this is wholly digital. Your contrast with the passing away of a loved one does not fit really, since with family our thoughts tend to be real.

Too bad there is not an industry for huge game businesses to “sell off” smaller games, possessions, or interaction protocols for self-hosted hosts to indie designers just who could find ways to make these games lasting. It appears as though this video game has a passionate base.

Probably some monetary value in that. I cannot bear in mind most of the details, but essentially Turbine the original studio ended up being acquired Warner? Someplace, somehow, a few of people involved was able to convince the best visitors to basically let them develop a unique studio for the purpose of running and continuing improvement those games. Once more, i really could have some of the wrong as that has been awhile ago I’m certain both games nevertheless would have had a fair player base to make it feasible.

You will find adverts companies purchasing games or online game services to simply drive brand-new advertisements. Yup, same tale a couple of years ago because of the game Bubble Safari Only distinction to Paradise Bay: there have been no characters involved that you could get attached to! You will find businesses that collect real time operations for cellular games.

It happens on a regular basis. It isn’t a super profitable thing to do, therefore maybe in this situation the owners thought it had been safer to just shut down. We sm therefore upset the game has been turn off. This will be a classic game that could were enjoyed by years to come. Just like the Monopoly board online game can be enjoyed by generations to come. I will be therefore unfortunate the video game will be power down. It is such a waste to start to see the enormous creativity the designers put in it just vanishing! I have played for many years.

Have actually elaborately and beautifully embellished my area with plants, walkways, fences, arches, fountains, etc. It is truly an attractive online game. And I feel proud having designed such a magical location. There have been multiple challenges and fabulous animals which exhibited such great actions. It truly was a magical destination. I think i am most unfortunate since there is reallyn’t a casino game to switch to.

Playing Paradise Bay wasn’t nearly doing challenges and winning prizes. It was about beautifully enhancing a magical land you developed. And experiencing the aesthetically prettiness of the island. Butterflies abound, the figures had been all nice, plus the area had been uber friendly. Various other games totally are lacking the estetics.

I wish the people who own this treasure would reconsider shutting it doen. There’s absolutely no online game for all of us to go to. Really unfortunate. We have played haven bay since soon after its launch. We have never ever already been captivated by a tablet game when I ended up being this one, there were so many levels you could play, but difficult to explain in complete detail if you weren’t quite a long time player and comprehended the resource administration it needed. You can stack your mills for just one. Each mill would hold products in the purchase you place them in.

I had several mills stacked to max capacity, this contributed to the all too frequent tradefests or retofests. I experienced 3 island 2 of which ‘fed’ my main area. I experienced an enormous laptop maintain a record of any item if you wish in each mill. Sad I know They had frequent builder events and then there were pet stickers, doubloons and map pieces etc I could go on and on. You also gathered animals, follwed by their stickers to lvl the animals up.

The ability to enhance your area was just limited by your imagination. You might actually switch it into ‘your paradise’ I’m maybe not aggravated, i am very unfortunate.

I didn’t invest much money to the game as I played strategically learnt from long-term play. I was always conscious it could additionally be gone any day! I don’t think ppl playing these games think about that much.