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Clarence : Those brutal terms hurt my skin. Clarence : [held in radioactive beam] At times like this, I suppose anything you can do is laugh. Clarence : Aw Big Lez : Aren’t you going to exhale? Sergio Warnington : Whaddya talkinabeet? Big Lez : once you smoke cigarettes, you are supposed to exhale. Sergio Warnington : Nah, that is crazy. Pay a visit to the test, do you really spit out the Coke after consuming it? How ya gonna get refreshed? Huge Lez : which means you simply hold the smoke in? Sergio Warnington : That’s the manner in which you smoke.

Huge Lez : that is not the way you smoke, that’s the way you die! Just how old are you currently? Sergio Warnington : Big Lez : You’re going to die. You will definately get punched into the face because of the Long Dick of Cancer! Clarence : Ah, well, it really is just my entire life’s Work Clarence : dozens of bad emotions towards myself is hurting myself nervous system. Sassy : I do not even do fucking medications, I’m fucking straight-edge!

Clarence : So I’m practically walking this Earth, enduring for Eternity. Big Lez : Ah, well Clarence : Kindly! That is a spot of Science. Clarence : Save Yourself my Undesirable Soul. Big Lez : what is with all the Gay Shit? Clarence : Three Mandarins! Clarence : [utterly wretched] Well, all that you may do is put a smile on your own dial and a cure for the best! Ah, whom have always been I kidding Clarence : A movin’ a boovin’.

A movin a boovin and Oh Lord please be my buddy, a hoovin’. Huge Lez : i cannot do this any longer. Sassy : Fiddy dollars! Clarence : It is a one-dollar scratchie. Sign In. The Big Lez Show — Showing all 16 products. Jump to: Photos 1 Quotes Create a listing ». Multiversmania Crossovers.

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Clarence Big Lez Show Quotes One more phase, yet another limo, one more run for the life. Nov 13,  · The Big Lez Show Best Of Sassy The Sasquatch. Planning This Quote Will Be Some Kin Of Easter Egg Nonetheless It. Big Lez Show Biglezshow Comic Books Comedy Books. Associated: Big Lez Quotes. Ra Weathertop Presents The Top Lez Show In The Grand. The Big Lez Show Busted Tv Episode Quotes Imdb. 46 votes, 44 feedback. k users in the TheBigLezShow neighborhood. A subreddit for followers of the awesome Australian youtube series, the major Lez Show.

He could be Lez’s closest friend and then door neighbour. Sassy lives and hangs completely with a small grouping of three various other Sasquatches – Donny, Wayno, and Scruffy – along with Owlanox and reside in a run down-house across the street to Lez.

Certainly one of Sassy’s defining character traits is his capability to take excessive amounts of medications without having to be hurt or dying as a result. He could be shown as being constantly high, whilst accusing other characters around him if you are ‘druggos’ in the meantime. Sassy ingredients is a house organization created by Sassy the Sasquatch to generate income in tiny portions. Their food is made from material such as for instance medications and petrol and break.

His most well-known food product could be the Trippa Snippa, which comprises of speed, weed, heroin, cocaine, mushrooms, pine-o-clean, petrol, electric battery acid, acid, salvia, methamphetamines, several brands of natural herbs and herbs, lettuce, tomato, vodka sauce, bam-and-the-dirt-is-gone, Ajax spray and wipe, chicken and mozzarella cheese all wrapped in a tortilla.

He has also a drink which he marketed in the Never Land club, it consisted of vodka, scotch, lemonade, coke, two shots of three-year-old petrol from a lawnmower, tiny portions of heroin dirt, glow at night mushrooms, dissolved acid strips, and a squeeze o’ lemon. The drink is lethal adequate to kill people, and even bad adequate to provide Lez a slight burning in his heart, lungs, mind, kidneys, liver, the bottom of their legs along with his eyeballs. Sassy started the program as Lez’s neighbour in a tiny part of Brown Town.

He’s very first shown smoking a bong in his unkempt yard. During Season 1, Sassy was perhaps one of the most outgoing characters, inventing and founding his home made food organization, finding a plane outside of a Coles and ripping the Volcano Bong.

It was additionally whenever their catch phrase “wadiyatalkinabeet” was useful for the 1st time, now is still utilized in every event. Lez is expected by Sassy if he desires to take a ride around the pacific ocean with him and Donny in a red plane they ‘Found outside a coles’, Lez enthusiastically agrees.

While flying over an area Lez requires Sassy if they have enough fuel to get back. Sassy says they must be fine as long as Donny “Didn’t snort most of the fuckin petrol” Sassy gets stranded on Choomah Island along with Lez and Donny whenever their particular airplane crashed from the island. Donny and Sassy create a post crash campsite after getting separated from Lez.

Lez soon discovers them and gets pissed down at all of them because they are stranded on the island and do not know-how really serious the specific situation is. Sassy and Donny have separated from Lez again if they see an enormous choomah, Sassy says “fuckin run kids”. After ditching Lez once more, Sassy and Donny stick to the beach and smoke cigarettes marijuana from a pipe until they experience Mike Nolan, who was simply also stranded in the area. Clarence then shows up in his vessel it is then clotheslined by a terrified Lez. Sassy as well as the other individuals jump into his watercraft and leave Clarence behind.

He first appears in the opening episode, being one of several characters helping Lez break up the show’s indication to start the event in addition to period, being unaware it was a secured door such as the rest of the characters.

Sassy later appears into the episode speaking to Lez about Norton’s upcoming birthday celebration as well as the fact Lez was not invited. Whenever Lez requires if Sassy got an invite, Sassy shows he performed but merely responds along with his famous phrase whenever asked if he can go. Sassy seems within the Trippa Snippa, the event known as after their Trippa Snippa sandwich. He shows Lez his brand new meals business and offers him a Trippa Snippa. Lez enjoys the sandwich nevertheless when Sassy tells him the reason why he labeled as it the Trippa Snippa, Lez demands to understand what’s with it.

Sassy responds by saying “Oh you realize, the ushe He is with Lez when he wakes up, to inform him was was out for 11 days, the event stops as Sassy reviews that Lez looks hungry, and then he starts cooking him up ‘a feed’. Sassy later on is observed in the pokies with Donny, across the exact same time as Lez and Mike Nolan. Sassy recommends Lez to try out the overall game close to himself. Sassy is later being interviewed in an interrogation area because of the Policeman of Brown Town.

Sassy informs him in regards to the tale before his arrest: Him, Donny, Wayne-o, Owly and Scruffy were proceeding up to a theme playground up the coast but Scruffy forgot their shoes. The afternoon from then on, they moved this time to a waterpark and took the piss away from Scruffy because this time, he DID bring his shoes. Scruffy threw the shoes out the screen which hit the Policeman of Brown Town’s front side windscreen and smashing it.

This resulted in Policeman finding ‘every drug beneath the world’ and a firearm at the back of Sassy’s car. Sassy scarcely attempts to protect himself whenever questioned and also the group are delivered right to jail, aside from Donny, which legs it before he’s arrested.

Sassy therefore the males are accompanied in prison by Lez, who was simply sent under costs of assault by Norton for ruining their birthday celebration and smashing up almost all of their house. Lez is fleetingly annoyed at Sassy, having discovered from a photo in Norton’s household he ended up being hanging out with Norton on Choomah Island. Sassy explains that Donny and him were away selecting Lez if they heard a party when you look at the distance and joyfully joined it.

Sassy provides Lez a flashback medication to simply help him remember exactly what Clarence believed to him within the Neverland night-club about going to Choomah Island, three months before Lez would sooner or later go with Sassy and Donny towards the Island. But, Lez merely remembers Sassy giving him a drugged beverage that caused him to bleed, feel ill, have actually cold sweats, vomit, and for a few momemts see every little thing by means of an Anime cartoon.

In the future, he smokes cannabis out of a Saxophone whilst Donny snorts cocaine through a flute. Sassy also gives Lez liquid that is additionally drugged and eventually ends up with Lez along with the Q1 tower in Surfer’s Paradise in a Scooby-Doo trip cart.

Whenever Lez stops tripping, Sassy just laughs at Lez’s experience. However, all four of these tend to be surprised by an enormous Choomah crashing through the wall space and assaulting the prison. Sassy, Lez, the Sasquatches, Owly, Sergio and Clarence escape through the opening within the prison wall surface and are usually rescued by Warning Guy, which drives them away in a ute.

Sassy is oblivious concerning the Choomah assault and it is interested in the fact a giant blue caterpillar arrived down from the sky and winked at him before offering him one glass of Apple juice plus some Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Warning Guy drives all of them into the Volcano Bong, inside a genuine volcano. Lez’s spaceship is inside but without gasoline.

Sassy starts consuming a Trippa Snippa and texting Jessica Alba. Lez then watches as a fall of Trippa Snippa juice falls in to the fuel container and creates a fast spark. Sassy falls the whole place in together with fuel meter goes up by a large fraction. Lez then realises that Sassy’s Trippa Snippas can fuel the spaceship, so they bring their Sassy Food’s cart along with all of them.

They remove into space, but not before insulting Clarence on their appearance and ‘gay sweater’. Lez is excited to be in space again, noting he is like he is in Star Wars.

Sassy jokes along, stating that they can be ‘the gold guy’ R2-D2. Donny hassles him for being unsure of his Star Wars character, then Warning Guy says he is most likely become a ‘pot smoking cigarettes Chewbacca’. The four reach Kingdom Cum, only to think it is damaged. Lez is incredibly upset, and then things get worse if they realise they’re away from fuel.

Lez activates Hyper Space, and they zoom back during the speed of light to Earth. Nonetheless, upon entering the atmosphere, these are typically assaulted by a Choomah. The Choomah pulls the engine apart but then Lez propels in the face with a shotgun.

They crash-land on Earth, just outside Brown Town once the fight from the Choomahs rages on. Sassy participates in the Battle of Brown Town.

Making use of his Sassy ingredients cart, he offers Trippa Snippas to the Choomah army, served with additional fillings of the very deadly ingredients; “today with less snipping and more tripping. After saving him, Warning Guy requires the reason why these people were in prison, and Sassy in addition to gang constitute absurd reasons behind being arrested, also Donny, who wasn’t even in prison. They all agree to escape into the top of a pink building to await rescue whilst Clarence distracts the Choomahs on another building.

The team satisfies up with Lez, who is in the middle of chasing Cecil the Sasquatch, commander the Choomah army. Sassy watches as Clarence convinces the Choomahs to keep in peace and also as Mike Nolan comes back in a helicopter to fly all of them to security. Mike is incredibly stoned and Sassy notes he is practically at the level where he starts witnessing things, and therefore he views stuff all time.

Only at that minute, the Blue Caterpillar returns, winks at Sassy and once once again offers him Apple juice with Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Sassy and Lez end the event and period sitting in camp seats out on Lez’s front lawn, chilling completely with a bong and getting prepared for the ‘real tale’.

Sassy during the early areas of period 3 is observed as laid back, placing their new satellite dish in addition to their household. Sassy has of late already been seen espousing their views from the worldwide conspiracy surrounding the legalization of cannabis, and introducing Quinton to marijuana.

Sassy then asks why Lez is not performing any ‘skits shit’ anymore and try to convince him to go another adventure Lez is hesitant at firs then again suggests each goes back once again to Choomah Island and go destroy some Choomahs, which Sassy, Donny and Nolezy all agree excitedly. Sassy then states that they’ll bring ‘A lot of drugs’ this time, which Donny eagerly agrees. Lez then says he’ll talk to Clarence to find out the grand plan then they’re going to get.

Sassy, Donny, Lez and Nolezy then get high and play with Glennworld. At around six o’clock in the morning, Lez and Donny get to the Brown Town coastline pier and speak to Sassy, Wayne-O, Scruffy, Owly, Nolan and Clarence utilizing the gang’s brand-new seaplane – that they obviously stole from a high-tech military base off the coastline of Puerto Rica. Sassy is seemingly oblivious towards the fact they’re going to Choomah Island, and expresses that he thought they were ‘just going camping,’ along with denying any understanding of the conversation Lez, Donny and Nolan had in Lez’s cellar whilst using Glenworld, or any knowledge of Glenworld’s presence.

After a quick conversation on switching trash into gasoline, Sassy charges the previous few tokes of the shared, dubbed by the young men given that ‘Stinging Rodger. While they take down and pay attention to Lez’s explaination of their hatred towards Norton and debate their obvious homosexuality, Donny starts offering some container hats.

Sassy is unfortunately because of the last one; a bright orange bucket hat with googly eyes about it. Sassy complains regarding how he’ll be spotted as a result of it is obnoxious look and therefore he will be an easy target, considering he also forgot to ask for a gun.

As they skydive from the plane, Sassy is extremely relaxed and skydives together with his arms behind their mind and feet crossed, very nearly as though he could be relaxing within the danger. Nevertheless, everybody safely lands and Sassy and Lez talk about the route for choosing the Choomah area. After the discussion, Sassy gives Lez a joint for a time if the latter will see himself ‘lost’ and be found if he smokes it, though Sassy alerts Lez that ‘once he starts the entranceway and walks through it, they can never return.

After an unidentified amount of time, Donny spots a large amount of fresh blue meanies, and Sassy is observed with a fucken couple of all of them. Sassy and Donny inform Lez that the shrooms will increase their particular feeling, even ones many people do not know obtained, and Lez cheerfully proclaims he will trip out with them, much to Sassy’s amazed delight.

Throughout the group’s journey, Sassy plays Marco Polo with Donny, magically appearing within the clouds and sunlight, having a discussion about the psychedelic Beatles movie, ‘Yellow Submarine’, as well as protecting Clarence when he gets hassled by Wayne-O for wanting to move onto the Choomah hive. Afterwards during the night time, Sassy could be the first to consider that they’re on Choomah Island, which startles the group and additionally they consent to setup camp quickly.

Nolan requires where Lez features disappeared to, and Sassy remarks he is ‘probably gone to hold a bush poo or something.

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