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My Meet Scores. Path To Rio District 4 Qualifier. Latest Meet. KC Moffitt, Kassandra. Adams, Avery. Allen, Kennedy.

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Vista Drive. Shawnee, KS () visit MCAC page. Class Offerings. We proudly provide gymnastics instruction to young children, kids, and teenagers. Courses are designed for both girls and boys of all of the capability levels, from beginner through advanced. 4 reviews of J & R Gymnastics “I’m amazed in the reviews that are on here. My experience had been AMAZING! We’d our daughter’s birthday party right here, and now we’ll definitely be back. The employees ended up being friendly and provided the youngsters lots of area to explore and play.3/5(4). Jul 15,  · J&R Gymnastics. Gymnastics Gym. San Marcos. Protect. Share. Recommendations. Images 2. J&R Gymnastics. Given the COVID pandemic, call ahead to validate hours, and remember to .

The purpose of the organization is always to help team families with fundraising opportunities in addition to to offer assistance and support to associates. The resources we raise gain the whole girl’s competitive team. Each family works together to create a great group, also to achieve our targets. Welcome to our brand-new booster club site. We’re however updating this site therefore please come straight back often.

Kindly click on the registration photo to begin your web booster club registration with Sports motor. Registration is necessary for all group gymnasts amounts The booster club will use the Sports system site to send informational email messages along with your gymnast’s invoices. Whenever registering, it’s going to be mandatory to see and sign the Letter of Parent Understanding. When you have any problems with web registration, please contact a booster club board member.

Please complete subscription to ensure invoices may be sent for the Fall Compulsory rivals as soon as possible. This is certainly one thing new for the Season. Once you sign up, you can easily opt to sign up for insurance coverage. Brand New On The Web Registration! Page Search.