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Skip to main content. Support and understanding. To convert this short article, select a language. English First X. View First X. By: Assistance. Help 0 contributions. Concern: There may be situations where Autodesk Revit items must be taken from the workstation to accommodate on a clean set up. The next process will make sure that all recurring data tend to be properly removed besides.

Solution: make use of the after treatment to uninstall Revit items and remove any remnants from your own system. The effect is on a clean system on which you are able to reinstall. Note that all routes detailed by default are for Revit Be certain to backup any customized family members or template files prior to after this process.

Problems caused by improperly modifying the Windows registry could render your computer os unusable. Additional information in regards to the registry normally included in the Assistance topics when you look at the Microsoft Registry Editor. Note: Disabling anti-virus programs from the system tray may not be sufficient.

A few anti-virus programs can be disabled by right-clicking the taskbar icon and choosing Disable through the shortcut menu. For more information about disabling your anti-virus computer software, relate to the seller of the pc software.

It is important that you not only disable the anti-virus software but also utilize the End Task feature to end the anti-virus software. Get answers quickly from Autodesk help staff and item experts in the community forums. Visit Revit Products Forums.


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Before reinstalling Revit items. Press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Delete], Click Task management, in the procedures loss of the Task management, find the procedure when it comes to anti-virus program and then click End Process. Believed Reading Time: 3 mins. To uninstall the Revit software using the alternative technique Back up any custom Revit family members data or template data. Log on as an area System Administrator, and disable anti-virus computer software. With the Uninstall device, pull Autodesk Revit as well as its ted learning Time: 5 mins. Oct 08,  · Removing rEFIt. The task to remove rEFIt varies according to which strategy you utilized to set up it. The instructions about this page assume you installed rEFIt on your own Mac OS X amount. If rEFIt is set up on an independent amount, simply select an alternative volume to begin up from, or wipe that volume. Removal whenever using rEFItBlesser.

To remove the Revit software, utilize the Autodesk Uninstall Tool. See To Uninstall an Autodesk Item. Through the process, the next data in UserDataCache tend to be erased, unless they are formerly customized:. In many cases, the typical uninstall process may keep behind some recurring files and settings, which may interfere with an effective reinstallation of the software. When you need to totally eliminate the Revit software from some type of computer, including all recurring files and options, utilize the following process.

Additionally, the paths detailed reflect Autodesk Revit if you use another edition associated with the Revit pc software, substitute the appropriate values, as follows:. To uninstall the Revit software with the alternate technique. The following files and their particular subfolders and files tend to be certain every single Windows user account. These are typically developed whenever people begin the software.

These files are not removed because of the uninstall procedure and may be eliminated manually, if desired. In the event that you retain the files, almost all of the individual settings are used when you reinstall and commence the program. To open up the system registry. Registry keys specific to Revit Registry tips which could affect other Autodesk pc software. You will safely reinstall the Revit computer software. Alternate Uninstall Instructions in many cases, the typical uninstall process may keep behind some recurring files and settings, that might interfere with a fruitful reinstallation associated with software.

Caution: Deleting these data and folders may restrict the appropriate functioning of other Autodesk applications using the pc. Delete all of them only when you are sure they are not required. Care: issues due to improperly modifying the Windows registry could make your computer os unusable.

Extra information in regards to the registry normally contained in the Assistance subjects in the Microsoft Registry Editor. Note: erase the next tips as long as you do not have other Autodesk software installed. Note: Do not erase these folders. Just erase their items. Parent topic: Revit Installation and Configuration.