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The Samsung Galaxy S3 launch date was May qualities and Specs feature a 4. isn’t it time for the Galaxy S20? The following is every thing we understand up to now! Same happened on my partner’s s2. The widget had been crashing. Take to clearing the cache on app through application manager and that have to do the key.

If it nevertheless does it, take to an uninstall and reinstall of the app after clearing the cache. Mar Well-Known Member. Doit2it Android Os Professional. A man with one time clock always understands what time its. A person with two clocks is not yes. GPS was disabled so the current town info will have been cached. Therefore I have the same problem. And time light saving time had been this weekend.

It happened about thirty minutes ago. I have tried every little thing in the options for the telephone time and date, and also for the appointment configurations as Well.

I’ve attempted everything you men had been saying also. Nothing worked. It really is getting difficult. Any some ideas?? Trilliam Lurker. Hi, just how I just updated enough time back at my climate widget would be to delete my city and then have accuweather locate myself again. It set the right time straight away. Probably wasn’t the perfect method but it was efficient. MacEFL Lurker. Musky Android Os Expert. Click the Lock Screen climate Akira Shiaki Lurker. John Carr Lurker. Men, I had a worker using this precise problem.

It doesn’t matter what city she place in, her day had been incorrect when you look at the weather software. Yet, the full time into the top spot of her phone ended up being correct. I figured it out whenever I included a clock widget to her phone, and it had the possibility to pick a city. When I picked our town Baltimore , it revealed the full time down by 7 hours. Therefore, it absolutely wasn’t the current weather software. We put that to Eastern Time Zone, as soon as i did so, it changed the full time to that incorrect time which was in there earlier 9am.

Therefore I then set it up time for you the right time. Now both the time zone and also the time had been correct. This was bugging the heck out of me. My fix was quick. Check out the box for “Automatic Time Zone”. It absolutely was as simple as that. Tarsha Lamarre Lurker. I experienced exactly the same issue, thus I tested a theory. It has to do with the city. I attempted to make the area off and then back on to reset the application like We read here prior and it don’t work, so instead I deterred the place and included another city nearby as well as the time ended up being correct!

However manually added my city with the area deterred and the full time was incorrect like before. My estimate may be the city hasn’t been updated however and we will have to just wait. Gregoree Lurker. StinaNinaChristina29 Lurker.

Thus I’m many years later with this subject but I had the same issue with my weather condition widget back at my galaxy note 8. We solved it by keeping the widget, selecting application info then going into the elements settings, select car refresh and choose a refresh time passed between 1 and a day then change it back off.

We then switched off and in the location. Fixed it immediately without the need to reboot or recharge. Took 10 seconds to correct despite the fact that i am seeking 2 times on how best to change it out. Hope this helps. Samsung Galaxy S3 Forum. Comparable Threads – Incorrect Weather Widget. Assist Would like to just what may be wrong centered on my phone behavior described within Sanjit Keksar , Jun 14, , in discussion board: Android os Devices. Replies: 4 Views: ADB no longer working – exactly what am I doing wrong?

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Lg g4 weather widget.LG G4 Weather_XWidget for Android os

Jul 09,  · LG G4 Weather Widget for just about any Android os PhoneXWidget is a rather lightweight and highly customizable widget engine with effective visual widget ore li. Jan 23,  · I inadvertently deleted the built in weather condition software on my lg g4 and can’t figure out how to get it back. Might you – Answered by a verified Android Device Professional. We utilize cookies to give you the perfect experience on our website. It had been a widget to my residence screen. Jul 26,  · LG G4 Weather Widget v numerous thanks to N.A DEV for pngs Download. Galaxy S6 Avenger -XWidget. DOWNLOAD. please donot copy & use or share everywhere without my understanding. Last edited: Jul 26, Reactions: shallmann, Corduroysack, kucrit setiawan and 67 other people. Er. Aditya Senior Member. Feb 28, 4, 6,

LG is actually playing to its strengths in 2010 with the G4. Samsung ditched the detachable battery pack and sdcard slot in the Galaxy S6 , therefore LG is bragging as loudly as it can about retaining these functions.

It has additionally cleaned up its software and enhanced the digital camera in this present year’s leading. Because of this, the G4 is an excellent phone, but you can succeed also better with a few basic steps. A great amount of Android device makers have unique special secure lock screen tips. For example, Samsung features fingerprint visitors on all its mobile phones. LG has Knock Code, which not only extremely useful, but balances the design well.

With Knock Code, you are able to select a series of screen taps in a two-by-two grid which will get up the display and instantly unlock the phone.

The G4 has got the power button in the straight back, that is convenient when you’re keeping it, but less so when it really is laying on a table. Knock Code really saves the afternoon in that situation.

Additionally it is extremely smart about how exactly it interprets the taps—you need not be in exactly the same spot every time, just make sure you touch when you look at the right orientation relative to the very first tap. You’ll be supplied a chance to set this up throughout the first-run procedure, and you ought to at least give it a shot.

LG along with your carrier have probably colluded to cram an excellent portion of junkware on your own shiny brand new phone, which means you ought to go through and clear all of that out. Many pre-installed apps cannot be uninstalled, you could at the least disable them with a fast travel into the options. This consists of things such as dozens of provider applications and some of LG’s integral stuff like QuickMemo be truthful, you’ll not use it.

To get rid of the pre-installed apps, head to the overall loss of the main configurations and faucet on Apps. Go over to All and locate the offending plans. Once you touch on an entry, you will see an Uninstall or Disable switch at the top of the display. Disabling an app eliminates it from the application cabinet and stops it from operating when you look at the history.

It is the next best thing to uninstalling, and it is all you can do with many pre-loaded apps. The standard application drawer arrangement on the G4 is “custom,” which basically means “mix every little thing up and that means you can’t find anything. Tap View applications by and select Name. LG enables you to have folders when you look at the application drawer, just because it is sorted by name. That’s useful if you would like keep a few frequently employed applications at the top. One of the primary things to greet you from the G4’s home screen may be the Smart Notice widget.

It occupies the most notable half the main residence screen panel and contains a clock, climate, and notably a text club in the bottom. The writing may be updated with contextual information through the day, and you can personalize it by starting the settings when you look at the top right part associated with widget.

Smart Notice contains notice functions linked to associates, weather, phone information, and much more. They all are allowed by standard, but you can turn fully off what you do not want popping up. A few of the cards you may see include contact birthday reminders, serious weather alerts, and severe battery pack strain warnings. It can be only a little overwhelming, therefore offer these an instant pass to reduce the sound. LG’s notice panel features a number of options and toggles built-in, you could change what’s proven to better suit your consumption.

By default you’ve got a row of configurations toggles, a brightness slider, and a volume slider. To alter the layout, slide the row of toggles all the way to the remaining and you’ll see an Edit option on the far right. Items within the list closer to the utmost effective are going to be toward the left for the scrollable toggles, so keep carefully the most critical stuff up there.

You’ll have to scroll to get into such a thing through the quantity five slot. Similar to every single other phone maker these days, LG’s Android os interface includes a custom residence screen, and part of that residence screen makes sense Bulletin. It sits to your remaining associated with primary display screen like Google today, except it’s much, much less useful. It is basically just a collapsible variety of widgets for LG’s integrated applications.

You need to disable this. You will get rid of Smart Bulletin by pulling up the house display screen layout editor with a-pinch gesture. Then only grab the Smart Bulletin web page and pull it to the eliminate icon up top. There, that is much much better.

Smart Settings enables you to automate some standard system settings like volume and WiFi according to what your location is while the condition regarding the phone. It’s like a vastly simplified form of Tasker. There are three parts of Smart Settings: home, out of the house, and accessory. The accessory options can help immediately introduce a media app of your choice whenever earphones are plugged in or a Bluetooth sound product is linked. Each environment has a toggle in the main number, but you will need to tap exactly in danger to find yourself in the patient configurations.

From there you can easily select your property address for place options and tweak the other options. The device to ascertain whenever you is interrupted by a notification works just a little differently for each phone, and also the G4 isn’t any exclusion.

You cannot access interruption settings through the amount popup, but there is however a toggle when you look at the notification cabinet as previously mentioned above. Understanding how to show it on manually is important, but you can additionally set a schedule and tweak what your disruption modes is going to do. This selection has all the configurations for establishing a recurring schedule for concern mode called Downtime. This can be great for maintaining the telephone quiet through the night or at your workplace. You are able to exempt certain callers or notifications in this selection so they really will always cope with.

There is a “no interruptions” mode for once you don’t want any person to bug you. Certainly one of Android os’s killer features is sensible Lock, plus it works particularly well on the G4. Smart Lock enables you to set a secure lock display, then have the simpler swipe-only lock technique used when specific circumstances are satisfied. By way of example, when you’re in trustworthy places, linked to trusted Bluetooth devices, or if the phone sees your face. To allow Smart Lock, go to the device settings and discover the Lock screen menu.

Smart Lock ought to be near the top there so long as you’ve set a secure lock technique, like the fantastic Knock Code alternative mentioned previously. Bing is consistently adding brand new Smart Lock features via Enjoy Services revisions, but at this time there are five–trusted products, reliable places, reliable face, reliable vocals, and on-body recognition.

Pick the people you wish to used to sidestep the lock screen and set them up following the on-screen guidelines. You can double-tap the display to wake it, then swipe to unlock when Smart Lock is caused, but you can also go into the full Knock Code whilst the display is down and also the lock screen will undoubtedly be entirely bypassed equally if it were securely secured.

No swiping needed. You will find, of course, applications for solutions like Dropbox and OneDrive, nevertheless the G4 has system-level integration with a number of cloud storage providers. So what’s the benefit of signing in along with your reports right here? The media content in your internet storage space is accessible in the gallery, music, and file supervisor apps. You can also transform which of this three has usage of each cloud account individually. Maybe you keep a lot of music in your Dropbox account, you’ve got photographs in Drive.

This gets them all to the integrated apps. Screen pinning is one of the coolest privacy functions in Android Lollipop, but it is disabled and hidden on virtually every product. This feature lets you secure these devices to a single application pinning it in order to let some other person use your phone without worrying they’re going to snoop around.

Make it possible for display screen pinning, go right to the General tab in settings and scroll down to safety. In this selection you will once again get all the option to the base actually, LG? Turn it on, and you’re all set. Any software can be pinned by tapping the multitasking key. When you look at the lower right place of this app’s card will undoubtedly be a pin icon. Touch that and it’s pinned. You can choose to need your safe unlock signal to go out of pinned mode, that is demonstrably more secure. The regular pinned mode is okay should you ever need certainly to distract the kids aided by the phone but do not want them placing accidental intercontinental calls.

When you have any photos on your phone you would like to hold private i am maybe not right here to judge , the LG G4 features a nifty integrated method to conceal all of them. It’s called Content Lock and you may enable it with a quick trip to the protection configurations into the General tab. You’re going to be asked to choose a password or a pattern to gain access to secured content. LG’s pretty really serious about this—if you lose access to closed content, it’s gone forever. To secure a photo, merely long-press and select Lock.

You can access your locked content through the overflow menu within the gallery software. So you already know just about Knock Code, but there’s another cool thing you can do once the display is down. Simply drag down in the display and you will open what LG calls “Glance see. It really is a handy little function, and there aren’t any options to mess with to really make it work. The G4 gets great electric battery life, and you will swap the battery out whenever it gets reasonable. When you don’t have an extra cell around, you can use the battery saver feature to eke a tad bit more usage out of the phone.

Power saver and online game optimizer must be on by default. You ought to leave online game optimizer alone no options with this one. That simply down-scales games to p as opposed to making them at p, that will conserve power and mayn’t create any noticeable degradation.

Battery pack saver has several configurations including an automatic activation limit. There is also a checkbox to limit background procedures to save a lot more juice. Keep in mind, turning on electric battery saver will lower the brightness, slow the processor, and generally make the phone a lot less fun to use.

You are able to just take awesome snapshots with all the G4 in automobile mode, but LG actually stepped up its online game in 2010 regarding the handbook camera mode.