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Log in or Sign up. Joined: Oct 21, communications: 50 Likes gotten: 0. How crucial is liquid whole grain’s to your tune-up. We haven’t payed that much attention to it in the past but maybe I will. We raced throughout the weekend and and went the same tune-up Sunday morning once we had Saturday night with similar weather readings except air temp Sunday early morning had been up 3 degrees and thickness gauge had been up 1 point.

The only thing used to don’t examine sat or sun was water grans. The vehicle had been 11 hundredths quicker on sunday.

Car is a blown alcoholic beverages modified running a 7. Joined: Dec 20, emails: Likes obtained: 1. We run an 8. Blown, alcohol. For all of us liquid grains are very important It seems since the grains is the magic point where it kills et. Back right here moisture is typical as is heat. When we come in the 75 to 90 range, no problems. Around 95 it begins to kill et a little. After , it kills et a whole lot.

Like from 85 to would destroy. Look closely at it. It will probably put prior to the competition. I notice the gasoline dudes aren’t affected just as much as us alky men.

Oh, we a mild piece. It will take 13 boost to perform the 8. We step up to 20 to perform a 6. Wags Oh, once it covers to , it will not impact et as much as 95 to Hope that can help. Mike Canter Top Dragster. Joined: Mar 10, communications: 4, Likes Received: recall the guy when you look at the various other lane views similar number of Water Grains while you.

Very little you could do aside from raise compression or generate the boost. Mike Canter , Aug 31, Joined: Jul 10, emails: Likes gotten: 0. Wags, simply away from interest, where are you using your readings, in the gap or at water level?

When I was operating ships, shortly after the rock Age I would deliver the child of 1 of my team guys down seriously to water with a thickness guage yes I’m sure certain areas we went the pit location could possibly be as much as feet more than water level in addition to readings could alter whenever two tick markings on the guage. Of course water grains ended up being a term rarely when heard in the past, and I also’ve usually wondered with todays tech devices what kind of reading you’ll get at water amount in place of being only a little greater up on the bank.

SoDak Active Member. Joined: Dec 29, Messages: 1, Likes Received: 3. SoDak , Aug 31, Racers have tried altering the gasoline proportion nonetheless it does not seem to constitute the difference. The problem is the water molecules in the air totally different from fog or rain refill the air so fuel cannot doesn’t have a place to go. Individuals have tried to compensate for it under legal NHRA type rules but can’t apart from compression.

If the rules permitted it then I could see adding nitrous oxide to greatly help. Thanks for the feedback about this. It seems like i need to begin including liquid grans info into my log book and keep better track of how it affects our car.

Nitrous is not allowed into the course and switching static compression is out of issue. Some testing is going to be so that you can come up with a lift to water grans proportion. We should also talk to Kestril to see if liquid grans tend to be used account when checking density altitude on the weather place. BTW Wags, i nevertheless depend on my trusty air thickness gauge a lot.

It was up 1 point and I also should have tuned for this. Joined: Jun 9, emails: Likes Received: 2. liquid grains slows down the fire vacation when you look at the chamber. As liquid doesn’t burn, etc. Back the hay-day Warren constantly explained to up the timing to obtain the flame started sooner as the liquid grains moved up.

I’ve constantly operate it by doing this with great results, but various engines have liked different alterations in increasing timing. And that means you have gotta have fun with that to obtain the delighted method. Our combination responds really to timing changes making sure that’s an option also. We will need to have fun with it a bit to check out that which works the greatest. I might be interested to no just how jetting relates to this additionally. Our company is typically pretty fat from the jet, that’s why i don’t tune much along with it.

Joined: Feb 10, communications: 2, Likes Received: 6. Wannabe, you hit the nail from the head you need to be real careful on incorporating more ignition advance due to the fact water molecules are likely to stop the maximum amount of fuel getting into the chamber which can be going to make it slim.

Advancing the ignition on a slim mixyure cam cause detonation. Mike Canter , Sep 1, Doug Participant. Joined: Jun 10, communications: 6 loves Received: 0. just what do you really use to measure liquid grans or how can you determine it. Doug , Sep 1, this is just what we have but haven’t been monitoring the water whole grain’s, but that is planning to transform.

Davenport’s Jetsize software computes liquid grains from the weather condition you place but it is only to allow do you know what it really is. As much as I can inform it generally does not change the tuneup according to excessive water grains. In the event that water grains are close to or higher it at least shows you exactly what your overall performance is down. Exorbitant water grains doesn’t impact a promod nitrous car the maximum amount of since they produce their particular environment and they’ve got an edge over a blower automobile when that occurs.

Mike Canter , Sep 2, Joined: Jun 30, Messages: loves gotten: 4. A forecast prompt is supplied to get environment density, denstiy altitude, and grains of water forecasted out a couple days.

If vessel racers have an interest in water grains for vessel race locations, email a demand towards the webpage. Within the songs local to us, we’ve dry air within the morning and humid environment in the evening. I’ve seen a water grains change comparable to a half inch of mercury in the environment force scale. This is certainly considerable.

On page of our book, Horsepower On Methanol , a typical example of grains of liquid is illustrated for a normal competition engine. It really is over one pint of water each minute checking out the engine instance. Bob Szabo bob racecarbook. I take advantage of the Computech Race Air Professional. The pro has somee engine computations that are useful for me. I’d the earlier in the day Computech bargain you had to plug some numbers within their calculator.

The racer Air Pro is very repeatable. My this I mean crew chief can examine air, try looking in the log book, and dial an 8. It will all of the computations for your needs and displays all of them in a scroll screen.

Temp, moisture, baro stress, adr, da, liquid grains, wet-bulb, dr bulb, etc This has a create in lover, a few jet, cr, et prediction programs built in. For us bracket guys, it will help greatly. Best of luck. You need to log in or subscribe to reply here.

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Sep 05,  · i’ve seen a water grains change equal to a half-inch of mercury from the air pressure scale. That is significant. On page of our guide, Horsepower On Methanol, a typical example of grains of water is illustrated for an average race engine. It really is over one pint of liquid each minute checking out the motor example. Bob Szabo [email protected] Jul 21,  · The actual quantity of humidity (often expressed as liquid grains) impacts vaporization. This vaporization is dependent upon the heat during the time as well as the barometric pressure. Some motorsports rushing machines, such as for instance popular bracket drag race, Estimated Reading Time: 8 minutes. Aug 27,  · “Anything below 50 grains is known as dry,” Walsh claims. “such a thing above this is certainly damp, and any such thing above is really bad. The worst I’ve ever before seen was in Memphis a couple of years ago, whenever that battle was at August: grains. The cars don’t want to operate at all when there is that much liquid calculated Reading Time: 2 mins.

Great tuning begins with understanding the climate at your events. Focusing on how your race automobile manages weather in your location is an excellent advantage. The slightest side can indicate the essential difference between beating your competitors or finishing behind.

Combustion in an engine is dependent upon the oxygen when you look at the environment. As temperature, humidity, or barometric pressure fluctuate throughout the day, they affect how much air is in the environment, affecting good combustion. In inclusion, these weather values affect the amount of gas vaporization in a racing engine. The amount of moisture frequently expressed as water grains strikes vaporization.

This vaporization is dependent upon the temperature at the time along with the barometric pressure. Some motorsports rushing engines, such as popular bracket drag rushing, tend to be tuned to a targeted horsepower goal. Various other motorsports members track to your maximum power output. However, ultimately, either goal — target horsepower or maximum energy output — is determined by what lengths your engine may be forced with regards to the weather at the time of your run.

The blend of temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure — along with local elevation — develop an air density value that measures how much oxygen is in the atmosphere. Generally speaking, higher air thickness or more oxygen levels suggests great environment and good power away from an engine.

In comparison, reduced atmosphere thickness or reduced oxygen amounts indicates thin air and can suggest less power from a motor. As air density varies, different sorts of racing are impacted in different techniques. According to Andrew Ensminger at Kestrel Instruments :. In most cases, fewer air particles [oxygen] means lower engine overall performance, so engine performance should drop at greater altitudes where the air is less dense. While the temperature rises or pressure falls, your thickness height will increase.

Once the temperature falls or the pressure rises, your thickness height will reduce. If everything nevertheless the heat had been to keep the exact same, and the temperature dropped to 48 F, your thickness altitude would then be foot. Alternatively, if every little thing nevertheless the pressure remained similar, as well as your force dropped to you’ll then desire to not only tune for dampness in the air, but additionally the local density altitude, instead of your standard height.

Dramatic modifications such as this could happen when planing a trip to various locations. They illustrate the end result on density altitude. Various kinds of rushing will use atmosphere thickness in numerous means. The example above utilizes standard air thickness computations to find out density height as you way to inform the tuning of one’s engine. To help complicate things, atmosphere thickness additionally effects the aerodynamics regarding the race automobile in a way that opposes the end result on power.

High air thickness shows even more air drag from the racing automobile body slowing you straight down , while reasonable environment thickness suggests less air drag speeding you up. With respect to the atmospheric circumstances, alterations may be required such as for example ride height or wing angle on those so prepared.

The specific variables that impact environment thickness tend to be heat, humidity, and barometric force. The heat can fluctuate over 20 levels throughout the day. Cooler temperatures generally mean greater air thickness while hotter temperatures mean lower environment density.

Closed-loop engine EFI fuel systems are made to compensate automatically while those that are open loop should be manually adjusted. Humidity suggests exactly how much area the dampness is trying out in the air. It may be counterintuitive, however, because higher humidity values usually do not fundamentally show more moisture in the air or that more dampness is completing even more room.

For example, if the temperature is rising, the air gets thinner and there’s even more area for humidity. The current level of moisture in the air may well not change but the humidity percentage value can change.

If that’s the case, the horsepower will not differ from the moisture percentile change, even though it will alter through the temperature distinction. Tuning for humidity may be complex. Numerous tuners use water grains as a measure of simply how much moisture is in the environment. Water grains in the air tend to be less impacted by the heat. During a racing event, barometer values can alter by a half inch in the mercury scale. Barometer indicates the extra weight for the air. Lower elevations suggest greater barometer values where air is more dense.

Greater elevations suggest reduced barometer values where air is less heavy. Altering barometer values at a certain location may also indicate an inbound storm system where rainfall and wind are feasible, showing a temperature modification or a humidity modification. Not just does greater height suggest thinner atmosphere, in addition it affects the barometer values as stated above. Barometer taken from a local climate report is adjusted to water amount to provide a typical dimension, called a corrected barometer.

Greater elevations will have a lower unadjusted barometer value. As an example, a corrected barometer at Denver could be typically a normal uncorrected barometer in Denver, Colorado will be it really is this unadjusted value that is most readily useful in engine tuning since this presents the particular localized atmosphere stress data.

Keep in mind that there clearly was around one inches of barometer reduction in the uncorrected scale for each foot level increase. Wind does not necessarily impact the air density assessed at an area, however it have a large effect on the aerodynamics associated with the rushing vehicle overall performance. Racing into a head wind leaves more air drag from wind weight on the sporting automobile body.

Nonetheless, it creates even more power with racers with ahead facing air scoops. The enhanced speed of atmosphere going into the engine escalates the volume and oxygen through the atmosphere.

Rushing into an end wind can lessen drag regarding the car human body but in addition offer less power for engines with forward dealing with air scoops. Altitude of a racing facility has actually a dramatic influence on the barometric stress in the air. Greater force from reduced height makes even more power with all the proper tune-up. Dimension for the weather values become important, especially for racing teams that go various locations. Switching weather condition and wind affect the aerodynamic drag on a racing car body.

Racing vehicles with ram air induction are affected by the positioning between your wind going plus the race vehicle going. In the racetrack, heat and dampness influence race car tire grip. For drag racing, the launch is dependent upon that traction.

More traction, a quicker launch. During the circle track, turning and exploding out from the turn both rely on that grip. Wind can impact waves and chop for race ships.

Popular tunnel hull and hydro race boats depend on a short cut from a mild wind-speed to skim within the water in the quickest rate. The chop aerates water contrary to the sponsons, decreasing hull surface liquid drag.

The total amount of wind affects that water surface characteristic. Off coast motorsports be determined by wave traits. Wind speed along with present direction impacts revolution height and regularity. Exorbitant wind with the incorrect up-to-date can make huge waves with hull damaging outcomes from tries to maintain the speed-up. For bracket racers, atmosphere density changes indicate a quantity to adjust the engine to be able to reproduce a target ET.

For class rushing, compensating for atmosphere density modifications can impact the maximum energy. In machines with closed-loop electric control which are common in contemporary EFI, some degree of payment is automated. However, racing engines are often run wealthy with after-burning in the exhaust that can affect the closed loop control sensors.

Air density monitoring really helps to get indications for tuning during these setups also. Tuning may be needed from closed-loop errors that may occur with exhaust after-burning from gasoline wealthy mixtures. For nitro racing courses, air thickness and liquid grains units of humidity information are acclimatized to help choose nitro percentages and volumes, especially in high horsepower courses.

The framework is tuned for the track from humidity and temperature weather data for top traction that can be found. In addition, whenever it does occur, extortionate cross-wind on the racetrack can reduce control of the automobile. Most drag rushing happens on 25 % mile racetrack, nevertheless, excessive cross winds can limit competition to shorter eighth mile race for safety, as well as cancellation of an event.

Noting height modifications at event such as Bonneville are necessary. Bonneville is over 4, foot above sea level, generating thinner environment and lower environment thickness. Other places nearer to sea amount has greater environment density. Bonneville racers often travel from significantly different locations across the nation, oftentimes from lower altitudes with higher air densities. Racing setups integrated reduced altitudes tend to be difficult to transform to your large height with the nothing.

For example, it may be difficult to pull boost in turbocharged motors originally create for low altitude, neighborhood places. Turbo housings along with other components aren’t fundamentally functional for most of a difference in altitudes.

Understanding the effectation of height changes regarding the motor energy, such turbocharged machines also most others, and the body aerodynamics are foundational to. While drag racing and land speed race occur at a certain moment in time, sprint vehicle racers will operate a meeting over a longer period interval. The race cars need to be tuned for different scenarios that occur right from the start of the occasion to your end.

Temperature and humidity fluctuate because the day progresses. A hot and less humid afternoon might cave in to a cool damp evening final event. Correct tuning is necessary to manage both extremes. Wind-speed and path are key to circle track dealing with around an oval training course. Course path into a head wind will increase down force in winged cars while a tail wind wil dramatically reduce down-force in winged cars.