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Lurssen mastering system review.A writeup on IK Multimedia’s Lurssen Mastering Console


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Hollin Jones on Apr 04, in Evaluation 0 reviews. And the solitary window user interface is indeed similar in design. It strives to help keep things quick however, unlike the rather more complex and involved Ozone from iZotope. Drop a mixed down sound file into the application and you may select from the bundled, genre-based presets to get started. You could initially be puzzled because of the apparent simpleness regarding the control ready but this is actually not unusual in hardware mastering studios.

The complex wiring is performed behind the views and also the engineer really operates just a couple controls—some dials and knobs—to master the track.

So in essence you really are getting learning setups as the man himself would use them. Modelled from the actual studio, you receive three main control areas.

The Drive knob to the left allows you to drive the input signal to make it hotter. The EQ knobs can be set wherever you love additionally the drive knob will adjust them all because of the same amount from their particular general positions. The application supports minimal automation of the Drive and Push knobs, even though working in stand-alone mode and you can see and edit this data when you look at the waveform area. In the event that you go into signal chain view, you can observe just what segments are currently filled plus in what purchase. This will make it easier to achieve a regular sound whenever mastering a few tracks that are going to become for a passing fancy album, for instance, or providing various treatments to the exact same track.

In regard to time for you to export your finished master, in plug-in mode you merely perform a channel export as typical plus in stand-alone mode you are able to export a number of tracks at up to bit, 96 kHz resolution.

Needless to say it can save you jobs also, which means that your masters stay fluid should you need to come back and tweak them later. Lurssen Mastering Console takes a lot of the guesswork and fiddling away from mastering and includes outstanding pedigree.

Purists may prefer fine grained control of every little thing, but there are numerous options elsewhere for those that do. Lurssen Mastering Console is a lot easier to pick up for certain, and can feel friendlier especially to less experienced people. Benefits : simple to utilize. Great noise.

Takes most of the setup and guesswork out of mastering. Minimal automation assistance in standalone mode. Work on several songs at a time.

Internet : www. More articles by this writer. Hollin Jones ended up being classically trained as a piano player but discovered the appeal of blues and jazz too much to withstand. Graduating from rings to structure then production, he relishes the chance to play everything with secrets. A sometime lecturer in videographics, songs production and photography post manufacturing, Hollin was a freelance w find out more. Create an account or login to begin with! Audio will be your ultimate everyday resource since the most recent news, reviews, tutorials and interviews for digital music producers, by electronic songs manufacturers.

Log In Create Account. A NonLinear Educating Business. Has mastering audio ever before been simpler? The one-window software is friendly to make use of. The waveform view enables you to access some automation information. You are able to modify a few of the segments when you look at the string, though not all. Cons : Pricey, and contains competition. Automation of EQ is of good use. Hollin Jones much more articles by this writer. Relevant Movies. Discussion desire to join the discussion?

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Lurssen mastering system review.Lurssen Mastering system Evaluation – iOS | AudioNewsRoom – ANR

Apr 01,  · Mitch Gallagher presents Lurssen Mastering system computer software from IK Multimedia. This mastering pc software emulates the complete mastering processing string employ. Lurssen Mastering Console Main Interface of course, it really is highly computerized and aids 24 bits 96 kHz audio processing, subject to system specifications. How exactly we tested it needless to say an on/off test in a song appears fantastic as you expected. Nov 27,  · The Lurssen Mastering system software will likely appeal more to those performers whom don’t understand their soft leg from their particular hard limiter and don’t obviously have the desire to dig into this. Whether Lurssen will probably be worth the asking price is one thing luckily for us you may make your wisdom s:

Various other results bundle or multi-effect from IK Multimedia. The standalone and plug-in versions associated with the Lurssen Mastering Console have a similar processing controls, but differ within one considerable way: the previous let us you load audio recordings WAV or AIFF , and offers a waveform display, transport settings perform, perform from begin, and cycle , and facilities for exporting your finished tracks.

In certain methods the plug-in variation provides more versatility, as you can place other processors before or after it. The separate variation is a closed system. This is deliberately done to keep everything within the Lurssen eco-system so that the results could be much more managed. Some people will like that efficiency while some will find it limiting. The basic signal sequence is made from either four or five processors.

The GUI is split into two main sections, stacked vertically, with additional controls running across the top of the display when you look at the plug-in, and the top and bottom within the separate. The low section contains the primary settings. It is especially real with acoustic material, which generally requires a lighter touch.

At reasonable options, the characteristics handling when you look at the Lurssen Mastering Console will provide you with a lot of loudness, while maintaining natural characteristics and transient response. The Input Drive is truly two settings left and right, which tend to be connected together.

You can easily unlink them if you would like treat the left and right individually. In the center of the low screen area are two VU style meters, and this can be switched between showing input levels and post-processed amounts via a toggle switch simply to the remaining associated with left-side VU.

Another toggle switch changes the tracking to mono, allowing you to check out the mono compatibility and tune in for stage issues. Within the meters tend to be five EQ knobs from the Tube Equalizer, which will be always into the mastering chain.

You get control knobs for five fixed frequencies: 60 and Hz, and 3, 6 and 10 kHz. There are no Q controls, and this may be the only EQ when you look at the sequence. That isn’t lots of EQ choices, due to the fact it is a mastering product.

That said, the knobs are are fixed at of good use frequencies and work very well for tweaking various regularity ranges associated with the combine. Continuing with the knobs and controls, you can get a Bypass toggle switch that enables you to easily compare the processed and unprocessed sign. I came across myself desiring for an element like the one out of Ozone, which offers the choice to complement the quantity for the bypassed and non-bypassed sound. Regarding the far right is considered the most special control into the pc software, the Push knob.

Turning it raises each of the EQ knobs by the same quantity. In line with the manual, this imitates a signature means of Lurssen, whom applies it to certain chapters of songs to incorporate emphasis. As it simultaneously increases or lowers most of the EQ knobs at a time, it will impact the general amount, however. So if you had a song that believed form of dynamically flat, you could add focus to, say, the chorus by automating a raise into the Push control each time the chorus comes around.

I also discovered it helpful for adding presence to an entire combine. That will help you mark a certain area, a moveable depiction of a piece of masking tape with a marker range onto it labeled as the Push Reference Marker could be moved anywhere round the circumference regarding the Push knob. That basically adds to the power of this Push effect, since you can control it so precisely. You can automate the Input Drive knob, and contains its very own breakpoint range that can be modified after the reality.

Feedback and drive are the just automatable parameters within the Standalone variation. Those two plus the editable variables within the Chain and Bypass are automatic when you look at the plug-in. It might be nice to be able to automate the EQ knobs. The standalone version can load multiple data at the same time WAV or AIFF tend to be supported , which can be triggered one at any given time for listening and processing. The program remembers the settings whenever you switch between tracks.

You may save a task, which then has all of your configurations along with your audio recordings stored on it. One cool function is that once you switch between data or between presets, any processor or parameter that’s been changed flashes shortly to let you understand. Kudos to IK for that function, that will be very helpful for checking what changed. I made the same problem whenever I reviewed Ozone 7, although that program does let you trim and add fades.

The drive control is a cool feature and works nicely for including power. The entire sound quality is quite great. But also for making your mixes louder and incorporating a specialist sounding mastering sheen, Lurssen Mastering system is a very of good use product.

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Information 3 3. Touring Lurssen The GUI is divided into two primary sections, stacked vertically, with extra controls operating throughout the the surface of the display within the plug-in, and the top and bottom when you look at the separate.

Here you can view the waveform screen and automation associated with the separate variation At reasonable configurations, the dynamics handling when you look at the Lurssen Mastering system will provide you with loads of loudness, while keeping more natural dynamics and transient response. View price details about our reviews. Function as the very first to post a comment 0.

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