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When individuals inquired about another previous Jacksonville radio character, the Greaseman, Israel tracked Tracht down and they started speaking about employment in August, On September 29, , throughout the Bubba the like Sponge tv show, it absolutely was established that the Greaseman could be time for Jacksonville to accomplish the mid-day tv show. He planned to originate a few of the programs from their Maryland house studio, with the Jacksonville section studio hosting most of the time.

This is where the Greaseman bloomed. Rock WFYV. This notice ended up being published on the greaseman. He complements [sic] the staff there and stated they just went another course, and there aren’t any difficult thoughts.

Their latest score were great. Grease vows to get a brand new spot to shriek ultimately, and is intending to take pleasure in the sleep of his summer time and hopes become back for action quickly! The Greaseman is currently heard on line Radio Classics internet radio station from 6 p.

Tracht utilized the term comedically but left without doubt about its sexual aspects; Tracht place the expression when you look at the lips of their imagined male characters as they were in the exact middle of “a zesty session. As men we wish validation because we have been such inept lovers. Tracht starred in two tv films created by their friend Brian Dennehy. Pages: 1 2 3 4 last. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password?

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Internet Radio Classics – WRC – Web Radio Station using The Best Music You Forgot The Best Music You Forgot through the belated 50s to very early eighties utilizing the Greaseman pm Mon-Fri Online Radio Classics . Best songs You Forgot from the belated 50s to very early eighties using the Greaseman pm Mon-Fri. We’re independently had & Operated. Not To Mention: “Alexa, Enjoy Online Radio Classics. The most effective songs You Forgot through the late 50s to early eighties because of the Greaseman pm Mon-Fri. We are separately possessed & Operated. And Undoubtedly: “Alexa, Play Internet Radio Classics.

Skip McCloskey Remembers:. The place ended up being special into the fact that the jocks just had control over their particular mics while NABET designers performed the rest. I became to be among those designers After a couple of months it had been determined that I would personally settle into the 10pm-2am change. I might be operating the board for a unique DJ that has been hired from New York The Greaseman. In those days The Grease picture was compared to a midish, balding, under-shirt wearing derelict just killing time playing the hits for a paycheck to expend on that next bottle.

The smoothness was amazing considering that Grease aka Doug Tracht ended up being a thin, sandy-haired, sheepish pound skill that a lot of likely got beat up daily at recess. Making the place at 2am every morning would see followers, usually female, hanging around waiting to look at Grease. I used to get environment checks in the mail The work had altered!

Doug Tracht and also the Greaseman had become one. I nevertheless keep in mind as he greeted myself in his space. The thin, bashful young jock I knew gave option to a muscular, self guaranteed person that was ready to release the brand new Grease.

It absolutely was additionally time for Greaseman to surface in public. Although the on atmosphere voice changed since that first night we worked together, the man has not. He’ll do just about anything for you personally and I also’ll wager if we played him old Greaseman airchecks, their eyes would however water. Doug- what exactly are you performing July 4th? I have this firecracker right here additionally check out www. I thought that with the building of their Grease Palace studio, a brand new era was ushered in also it ended up being time for him to carry the memento for the following couple of years.

When final seen, the firecracker was nestled amongst the feet of Ragnad, a blow-up alien doll that symbolizes the alien baby of Greaseman of which he does bits about from the air. On the air bits had been delivered with split-second timing. Using the services of Doug was amazing! During a song he would gaze at his feet deep in thought.

A memorable night was July 4th Both of us worked lacking all of the festivities. We acquired some sparklers and rockets and also at 2am we had our personal gathering behind NBC. There was one rocket that was never ever shot off.

Doug held it in his control until he left the location. He gave it in my opinion as a remembrance of this evening. We held it for many years and also have since returned it That night he arrived over to my apartment. We heated up some Franco- American spaghetti and heard Greaseman airchecks from their previous employment at The Great He never did that final Friday tv show. Placing A Double Cash Call.

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