Pokemon uranium route 13.Unova Route 13

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Pokemon uranium route 13.Kalos Route 13


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Many uncommon items are found concealed about this path. It also offers use of the monster Chasm. In Ebony 2 and White 2 , Cobalion is experienced here, waiting to fight the player. Beginning Undella Town , Route 13 has a raised section leading west with tall grass and woods. A beach surrounds it in the north and east edges. A ledge on the east coastline permits a quick return to Undella Town.

Within the southeast part of this route there is a cuttable tree and some stairs that cause a path with more tall grass and an energy boulder. Both these routes lead to things. An island north regarding the coastline provides the route’s just dark lawn. A narrow stretch of beach continues north amongst the raised area while the measures resulting in the power boulder. A path limbs westwards and contributes to a treasure hunter that will supply the player a random product every single day. By searching north and then east associated with the Move Tutor people will reach a house where a male Veteran gives the ball player the Splash and Draco Plates.

Stones block water use of the northeast of this path using this stretch of liquid. By continuing north along the main course players can Surf around some more stones, then continue northwards along a narrow coastline and climb some stairs that lead to the Giant Chasm. A Strength boulder might be pushed into a hole to accommodate comfortable access from Lacunosa Town. Instead people can head west, go through some high lawn and then up some stairs heading eastwards. The course goes on east, then branches to the north and south.

The southern part features two bridges with a spot of tall grass among them. The north branch splits into two routes. The east road leads through a patch of high lawn but could be traversed from both the north and south. The western path contains no high grass however it is southbound only due to a ledge and requires Cut. These paths recombine north of the cuttable trees and tend to be also accompanied because of the road through the monster Chasm south of this energy boulder.

The route then continues west to Lacunosa Town. There are lots of items regarding the beaches for this route that will reappear periodically. The slim road to the Giant Chasm is also obstructed at both finishes by comparable stones. A new staircase south of the rocks results in the north part of the route. By heading westwards past a concealed Grotto players can return down a staircase and along the beach into the western house. However, the Veteran who gives away Plates is no longer present.

The treasure hunter has become a male Ace instructor that will provide the player a random flute every single day. There are two concealed Grottoes right here: a person is located southwest associated with cuttable trees, during the entry to your road leading to the stairs; and another is found close to the entrance into the monster Chasm. There clearly was a person in sunglasses in the course in black-and-white who gathers treasure, and can supply the player a new item each day. The following items can be acquired from this guy:.

In Ebony 2 and White 2 , the guy in glasses is replaced by an Ace Trainer. He gives the player a Flute each day, and tells the player he does not find whenever he accustomed. Instructor guidelines Change your kind on the Instructor Card to change exactly how various other players see you. You will look different to other people within the Union area and also the Tag Log! Match it along with your introduction or personality showing your individuality! Webpage activities Article Discussion View supply History. We’re very happy to announce our e-mail system is back online!

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This short article is incomplete. Please feel free to edit this short article to add lacking information and complete it. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Unova Route Map information This seaside route is well-known for sandbars that cross the ocean. Required for navigation Cut. Rock Smash. Rock-climb. Mach Bike. Acro Bike. Linking locations. Large Chasm. Lacunosa Town. Undella Town. Place Area of path 13 in Unova.

Route Maximum Ether. Southern of Lass Fey requires Cut. Razor Claw. Regarding the cliff south of Artist Zach. Prism Scale.

From the path’s northeastern coast needs Surf. Heart Scale. From the southern-facing cliff side western of Fisherman Mick requires Surf hidden. Pearl String. South of this Veteran ‘s residence calls for Surf concealed.

Splash Plate. From a male Veteran in a property within the westernmost section of the path needs Surf. Draco Plate. Max Revive. On the area with dark lawn requires Surf hidden. Rare Candy. In the shallow-water north of Fisherman Pete calls for Surf. TM29 Psychic. On a cliff in the southwestern place of this path calls for Strength. Regarding the coastline west of Ebony Belt Benjamin hidden, reappears periodically. Through the old man northeast of Fisherman Jones.

TM89 U-turn. Dropped by Wingull most likely three Grams are returned. Blue Shard. B2 W2. On a beach north of Fisherman Jones hidden, reappears periodically. Huge Pearl. On the beach just north of Parasol Lady Laura hidden, reappears periodically. Red Shard. On a hill near Parasol woman Laura calls for energy.

On a slope near Parasol Lady Laura hidden. Max Repel. South of Ace Trainer Miguel calls for Cut. East of Ace instructor Miguel, near stone concealed, reappears occasionally.

Ultra Ball. East of Ace instructor Miguel, near stone. Celebrity Piece. South of Ace Instructor Angi. Near Fisherman Vince needs Surf. Luxury Ball. On the area with dark lawn requires Surf. Hyper Potion.


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Path 13 (Japanese: 13番道路 Route 13) is a beach route in eastern Unova, linking Lacunosa Town and Undella Town. It will be the longest course within the Unova area and it is distinguished because of its sandbars, seaside scenery and breathtaking sea, with large cliff-like outcrops that are covered in rich lawn, filled with Pokémon. Sep 02,  · Route 13 (Japanese: 13番道路 Route 13) is a route in north Kalos, connecting Coumarine City and Lumiose City, and it is the place regarding the Kalos power-plant. The route can be referred to as Lumiose Badlands (Japanese: ミアレの荒野 Miare Badlands). Path Description. Numerous lawn areas line an impassable forest forcing you to definitely adventure tightly along the shore. The extended breakwater prevent sea browsing Pokémon from interfering with sunlight activities allowing swimmers to unwind under lifeguard direction. Fishing piers provide an .

Steep cliffs have been made accessible by stairs jutting through the beach, while just one connective bridge crosses the island’s iconic headland bay, eroded by several years of pounding waves. Be sure to take in the panoramic places when you look at the northwestern spot, only look for the signpost. This has remained uninhabited, and a lonely narrow course winds through its heavy woodland. A cave entrance into the Labyrinth lies hidden in the woodland, leading explorers deep into Maskara Island.

After beating Rosalind within the Venesi Gym :. In the event that player chose Orchynx :. If the player chose Raptorch :. If the player opted for Eletux :. After defeating him, Theo will remain right here. Upon speaking to him once again, he can offer another rematch. His group will not have altered or advanced level in degree. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Register Don’t have a free account?

Begin a Wiki. Route 13 “Crazy Missingno. Places in Tandor. Groups :. Fan Feed 0 Download 1 Dunseraph 2 Metalynx. Universal Conquest Wiki. Map description The mysterious Maskara Island. Unknown-type professional Gym. Connecting locations. The Labyrinth. Venesi City. Place Area of Route 13 in East Tandor. Hyper Potion. TM02 Dragon Claw. By the berry tree spot, western of Dragon Tamer Dovak. Lum Berry. Sitrus Berry.

Shuca Berry. Chople Berry. Passho Berry. TM87 Swagger. Down a side road south for the Cool Couple, across a little pond. Southeast associated with the course, on the coastline right before Venesi City. Fishing Old Rod. Fishing Good Rod. Fishing Super Rod. Psychic Gerard Reward: Richboy Deep Reward: Lady Angelica Reward: Hiker Horton Reward: Dragon Tamer Dovak Reward: Pyromaniac Roger Reward: Psychic Cureau Reward: Super Scientist Doug Reward: Path 13 – Maskara Island.

Reward: Ability :. Sturdy or Rock Head. Held item:. Steel Whip. Take-down. Metal Sound. Soundproof or Sound Boost. Zen Headbutt. Nasty Plot. Evening Slash. Flame Burst. Poison Aim or Poison Touch. Poison Jab.

Poison Fang. Knock Off. Magnetic Rise. Rain Dance. Big Pecks or Analytic. Air Slash. Hyper Voice. Sand Veil or Shell Armor. Muddy Liquid. Bubble Beam. Healer or Poison Touch. Guts or Mold Breaker. Bone Race. Drain Punch. Battle Armor. Iron Defense. Swords Dance. Leaf Blade. Iron Tail. Swarm or Normal Treat. Assisting Hand. Confuse Ray. Bloodstream Lust. Poison Sting. Empty Lifestyle. Giga Empty. Leech Lifestyle.

Dragon Claw. Feather Dance. Cursed System or Shadow Tag. Linkite Lv. Shadow Sneak. Shadow Claw. Pain Separate. Flame Body. Flame Influence.