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Register for Products, View Activities. RCM is designed to be a center for neighborhood development, facilitate access to real knowledge to folks of all centuries in a family group friendly environment, and empower the youth by equipping all of them with good personality, understanding, and skills to positively impact society.

Through action and participation within different programs, RCM aims to enable youth to immerse their belief within their day-to-day life. RCM’s organization, programming, and neighborhood envolvement adheres to and implements Prophet Muhammad’s saws genuine Sunnah Prophetic Tradition. American Masjids must come to be financially sustainable, and RCM is promoting numerous steps assuring its monetary durability. RCM earnestly seeks to build up and increase its existing ability to meet with the developing needs of your diverse neighborhood.

A Masjid is the center for the community, and RCM’s objective is to act as such. From interfaith outreach, to social solutions, the Roswell Community is here to assist. Our service attempts are intended to motivate and provide a wider group of Muslims to follow a stronger relationship with Allah swt , much deeper ties along with other Muslims, and better influence using the community most importantly.

RCM’s fulltime Imam leads day-to-day prayers and Friday sermons while additionally providing regular academic and neighborhood development. RCM is devoted to positively representing Islam into the better neighborhood through a number of methodologies. About we’re dedicated to outcomes and persistence with your strategic objectives.

Roswell Community Masjid Youth Focused Through action and involvement within numerous programs, RCM is designed to empower childhood to submerge their particular trust inside their everyday life. Economically lasting American Masjids must be economically sustainable, and RCM is promoting numerous measures to make sure its financial longevity.

Regular Religious Functions RCM’s regular Imam leads everyday prayers and Friday sermons while also offering regular academic and community development. Interfaith Outreach and Engagement RCM is focused on positively representing Islam into the better neighborhood through many different methodologies.

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Roswell Community Masjid – RCM, Roswell, GA. 3, likes · dealing with this. Roswell Community Masjid (RCM) strives is youth focused, genuine Islamic . Roswell Community Masjid – RCM, Roswell, GA. 3, likes · 48 talking about this. Roswell Community Masjid (RCM) strives to be childhood focused, genuine Islamic . Might 10,  · RCM director and ecological professional Maher Budeir talked during the Might 10 Roswell city council meeting regarding the masjid’s rezoning request for its brand-new residential property at the spot of Crabapple path.

The Roswell Community Masjid RCM is looking for a full-time exec director to spearhead the day-to-day operations regarding the masjid. As RCM expands, so do the responsibilities required to favorably and effectively serve our neighborhood. The most important traits essential for this work tend to be selflessness and a desire for service.

Also, applicants must be versatile and also coordinate with a lot of volunteers with various levels of supply. Other necessary abilities consist of excellent writing and communication skills, capability to discover rapidly, and a higher skills with technology, including Microsoft Office.

Lead the team of administrators, empowering all of them to successfully satisfy their particular yearly objectives while more growing the leadership team. Initiate and keep maintaining all programs, activities and solutions inside the acknowledged criteria and within budget. Apply and continue maintaining organizational integrity, procedures, and systems across all tasks.

Develop functional plans, including targets and objectives aligned with the strategic direction of this organization. Leadership improvement administrators and volunteer groups. Hold RCM Leadership responsible to annual objectives and objectives. Behave as a professional consultant into the Board of administrators on all aspects associated with the Executive Committee’s activities Assessment and change organizational guidelines where needed, utilizing the endorsement associated with the Board. Represent the organization at neighborhood tasks to enhance the corporation’s neighborhood profile.

Collaborate with all the Imam in strategizing and applying religious programs and activities as required. Participate and help lead month-to-month staff meetings Work with staff to forecast and plan a comprehensive yearly budget.

Help coordinate fundraising activities aided by the income committee. Establish a positive, healthy, and safe work place prior to all laws. Develop methods determine progress and offer periodic reports as required.

Complete designated performance reviews on proper director reports and continue utilizing the Board. Communicate and help apply organizational initiatives, such solutions, community activities, special projects, etc.

Help ensure the continuity and replication of RCM culture across communities when requested. Interact regularly with Campus Core Teams to obtain comments, input, and progress reports.

Self-motivated, results-oriented worker utilizing the provided management mentality necessary to engage and lead groups. Tested leadership knowledge, including sight casting, and strategic execution. Experience and interest in childhood and interfaith tasks. Power to recognize and develop future skill.

Strong communication abilities, both written and oral, after all levels with company command of English language. Powerful capability to measure success and report obviously the Board of Trustees. Capability to administrate and prioritize varied workloads, executing proper judgment and privacy.

Constant development and development into the areas of advertising and marketing, social networking, and office technology. Group player with good, servant-oriented attitude. Familiarity with individual resource administration, task management, and economic management. Fundamental conceptual knowledge of conformity and risk management. Understanding of MS company room, specifically succeed. You are welcome to share your ideas and now have them posted at AtlantaMuslim. Check in Subscribe Wednesday, Summer 23, Toggle navigation AtlantaMuslim.

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