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I selected all of the answers you offered right here, but my Love Meter is not filled? And now i obtained a Happy Ending Christmas spin down; recognize changes the love meter a great deal. Dont say anything yields to log meter keeping the exact same. Chapter 2, the first choice is yes it changes the love meter a whole lot whereas I’m fine renders the love meter the exact same.

In chapter 2 ‘you had been very you will need to yourself’ modifications the love meter a lot. Hi just how to use the discount coupons? I’ve one but don’t understand how to make use of it? Pls help. You must collect a lot of it before you decide to can change it in to the product. In a similar thing happened for me personally You can enter invite codes only at the beginning of beginning the game you then can not anymore. You add it in during the same page once you input your title. How can I access the spin-off stories I attempted to click on all of them brut they will not begin.

Spencer Willem Willem V. Click for Spin-Offs. Get: Love Letter [Chapter 2] 2. Successful Ending Sweet Ending. Hiya, I’m not so great with an introduction so here is an instant summary of myself – i am lazy But at the moment I’m very hectic with my nursing courses so my entire life is essentially offered to it right now. D: Wish me personally luck! Kairi Lee November 17, at PM.

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Unknown September 1, at PM. Niyai Homwarn March 20, at AM. Zen ri March 20, at PM. desire to Support Us? Kindly remember that to get a great end, it takes you to definitely pay money for specific sections of the story. Best Choice we wonder what their particular relationship is? Subscribe Newsletter. Spencer,1,Willem,1,Willem V.


Ryo shall we time.Ryo Tsuzuki | Shall We Date? Wikia | Fandom

Dec 21,  · Hope you like the your romance! When you yourself have any route’s needs you are able to it and I’ll see if it’s within my opportunities to do it. See you. Ryo Tsuzuki is a security guard and potential love option in Lost Island and Lost Island+. Ryo works as a security guard at the analysis institute on Aoishima. He is extremely type and considerate. He seems to have quick burgundy hair with matching attention shade and a sand beige skin tone. I’ve never sensed this before. My heart is broken. SUCCESSFUL ENDING: Will you get married myself? NICE ENDING: Everyone Loves you. Produced by Dawn Ire at 7/20/ pm. E-mail ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest. Labels: CG, Lost Island, missing Island +, Main Story, Ryo, Shall we date?, Solmare, Tsuzuki. New Post Elder Article.

Hi, thank you for the walkthrough, it helped lots. Only want to inform that i acquired nice ending without needing a Heart, so I think it isn’t a must get item. No, regrettably not, and I guess they don’t do any as it appears like they ended upgrading the overall game. That is really unfortunate. He appears really cool in th paths i have seen ‘sigh’ such a shame.

I’m sure! But may seem like the attention when you look at the game suddenly droppen, after various other brand-new games had been introduced, and in addition they decided, that it wasn’t well worth to create brand-new tracks, if the gamers are far more centered on one other games therefore sad! Plus it happens so frequently! Ask Me Personally! Riddles Study.

Also, the Charm degree might change from what is written right here, dependent on exactly how many paths you have played. The one discussed here is actually for your first route. Section 1 1. Possibly I should Get a Love Letter Chapter 2 2.? Charm level checkpoint Charms needed. How come you care? Laboratory door escape point Secret Key x1 needed. Get a Love Letter Chapter 4 4. Get a Love Letter Chapter 5 5. Get a Love Letter Chapter 6 6. Laboratory home escape point Secret Key x5 required.

Get a CG part 7 7.? Laboratory home escape point Secret Key x5 needed new Post senior article Residence. Contribute to: Post Comments Atom.