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Perhaps not Rated min Action, Drama. Whenever Shiva, the son of Bahubali, learns about his heritage, he begins to seek out answers. His tale is juxtaposed with previous events that unfolded within the Mahishmati Kingdom.

Director: S. Maybe not Ranked min Action, Thriller. a stone star must over come his mental inhibitions to get revenge for their moms and dads’ death.

Ballots: 43, In ancient Asia, an adventurous and daring guy becomes involved in a decades-old feud between two warring individuals.

When a traditional dancer’s suspecting wife establishes an investigator behind him, a number of violent activities tend to be triggered, exposing their genuine identity and connection to a darker world.

Ballots: 39, Perhaps Not Ranked min Action, Crime, Drama. Vikram, a no-nonsense officer, followed closely by Simon, his partner, is from the search to capture Vedha, a smuggler and a murderer. Vedha tries to transform Vikram’s life, which leads to a conflict. Votes: 31, Not Rated min Action, Funny, Drama. A scientist invents an occasion device, leading to a bitter struggle between their evil twin brother and his boy. Director: Vikram K. Ballots: 19, Not Ranked min Drama, Romance. A Hindu man and a Muslim woman fall in love in a tiny town and move to Mumbai, where obtained two kiddies.

Nevertheless, growing religious tensions and erupting riots threaten to tear your family aside. Ballots: 11, Perhaps Not Rated min Action, Comedy, Fantasy. Administrators: S. Rajamouli , J. Votes: 22, Not Rated min Action, Crime, Thriller. Theeran, a police officer, is entrusted because of the task to fix the mystery behind a number of murders. Truly the only clue left out is that most the murders are committed in the same design. Director: H. Perhaps not Rated min Action, Drama, Thriller. Ramanujam, just who is affected with numerous personality disorder, works as legal counsel by day and a vigilante at night.

He makes use of guidelines from the ‘Garuda Purana’ as their resources to reveal numerous antisocial elements. Ballots: 15, Ballots: 7, A deformed hunchback kidnaps a bride at the time of her relationship and holds her hostage while their connection to her and his targets is revealed in a few flashbacks that unfold as he begins searching for payback.

Not Rated min Action, Drama, Fantasy. A warrior gets reincarnated years later on, after attempting to save your self the princess plus the kingdom, which additionally dies along with him. Then he sets back once again to fight all chances and regain their love. Ballots: 18, Detective Kaniyan Poonkundran is hungry for a challenging case to research and also the mystery of a murdered dog leads to a rival which may be the match for him. Votes: 4, A software professional comes to India to serve the country and purchase country’s benefit.

A couple of corrupt officials and politicians try to end him while he attempts to do good for the poor. a really informed idealist, who is a child of Political frontrunner in power desires to correct the rigged political system of favors and corruption.

Nonetheless, this quickly becomes a game title of power. See complete summary ». A gunman for hire is framed for murder, and assumes a dead people’s identity while hiding from the police. Ballots: 12, Perhaps Not Ranked min Action, Sci-Fi. An excellent scientist creates a humanoid robot to safeguard mankind, but things be fallible whenever individual emotions are set and inner chaos triggers the robot to modify sides. A young NSA broker is framed when it comes to murder of his bosses making him realize today his objective is deeper than anticipated and it has some personal results to stay regarding his dad’s death, a former NSA representative.

Ballots: 8, Maybe Not Rated min Action, Funny. Two brothers have actually two various ways to life. While one cousin uses foibles, one other does things his or her own method. Ballots: 9, Maybe Not Rated min Action, Drama, Romance. Geethanjali, who is already the girlfriend associated with university rowdy Ajay, is pursued because of the free-spirited and Arya.

Arya relentlessly tries to woo Geethanjali causing dilemmas between him and Ajay. Votes: 5, As Kalyan, a blind chef and Vennela, whom comes seeing him at their restaurant, autumn in love and start making programs because of their future, Vennela goes lacking.

Number of unanticipated and shocking occasions follow. Votes: Since bitter hatred and animosity has reigned between two people, specifically compared to Indrasen’s in addition to Reddys, which leads to the death of Indrasen’s dad, and his two uncles, certainly one of Director: Gopal B. Votes: 2, a TV journalist goes against their corrupt and dishonest manager’s instructions and helps a team of youths inside their fight a chemical plant.

Director: K. an environmental activist involves Hyderabad to attend a workshop, where an unexpected encounter with a guy who operates an organization for the oppressed, changes his function in life. Rama Rao Jr. Votes: 6, Not Ranked min Action, Crime, Mystery. A police officer is on a mission to nab a criminal,who does murder in a same mysteric design. Director: C. Ajay, Mahesh Babu an undercover cop, is assigned to catch a dangerous mafia don with whom he has got a personal score to stay.

A person comes back to their country in an effort, ostensibly, to reform his gf’s violent family members, but he appears to have an odd connection and an extremely dark past. Displaced Sri Lankans in a Vizag interface tend to be ruled by an area rowdy. This is the story of Chatrapati Sivaji who overcomes this oppression and how he reunites along with his most loved mama and bro. Perhaps not Ranked min Action, Funny, Crime. Empowered by a movie personality in Sholay, Venkataratnam, a policeman, calls himself Gabbar Singh.

He’s postedin a village where a place thug really wants to join politics also lures their stepbrother to hitch him. a military captain is on a mission to track straight down and destroy a terrorist gang and deactivate the sleeper cells under its command. Director: A. ballots: 30, A psychotic willing to give up everything for friendship transforms himself in the interests of his companion that is not necessarily partial to him.

A doting cousin who works as a cab driver tries to search for three notorious crooks in Kolkata that has harmed his sibling. Not Ranked min Action, Adventure, Thriller. After recognizing the risk of a bio-weapon, a scientist would like to protect it from being misused. The vial unintentionally achieves Asia, and then he must race against time to prevent a possible catastrophe.

A powerful struggle breaks down between a bad boy of a politician and an ex military guy just who can not tolerate injustice. Not Rated min Action, Crime.

Surya arrives in Mumbai to revive the mafia and eventually ends up making enemies who threaten his life. Maybe not Rated min Action, Adventure. Gautham Varma, an A. M safety shield, continues a treasure look for the diamonds hidden by his grandfather when you look at the Hinglaj temple during the time regarding the India – Pakistan partition.

After helping the police foil a violent heist, a-sharp minded child must evade the unlawful mastermind whose programs he has got thwarted. A looming gangster after witnessing a bone chilling event, gets up against their dad’s bias. Director: R.


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View full Latest South Dubbed online anytime & anywhere on ZEE5. Also, explore 29+ most recent South Dubbed on line in complete HD from our most recent Latest South Dubbed collection. Blue Miracle () Hindi Dubbed Netflix Original Movie. Featured. Mar 15,  · Movie,Love Story celebrity Cast: Superiya Sailaja, Adity Arun, Ravu RameshProduced By: Jitender GulatiDisclaimer: We are just the right holders of the content.

Perhaps not Ranked min Action, Funny. An encounter expert is moved as CI to a town which can be ruled by a nearby gangster. Ballots: 3, This story is approximately a wedding percentage agent whom fixes and tends to make plans for rejection of marriage based on client. This child starts loving her client just who found arrange for the money on her cousin’s relationship rejection. Director: G. Votes: Not Rated min Action, Comedy, Thriller. Male twins are divided at delivery and live their lives in numerous backgrounds – until one gets abducted.

Director: V. Vinayak Stars: N. Rama Rao Jr. Votes: 2, strange multiple people have a tendency to meet at a Restaurant and their life-changing moments occur so that you can find out about a single person. Ballots: 4, Unrated min Action, Crime, Drama. Surya, a juvenile offender, completes their knowledge in prison and upon launch embarks on his dream project. Nevertheless, he’s to overcome numerous hurdles to show their dream into a real possibility. Ravi desperately requires cash to bail out his dad that has been wrongly accused and jailed.

He becomes a con singer but keeps getting into difficulty. Chandu saves him plus they become lovers in criminal activity. Director: J. Chakravarthi Stars: Srikanth , J. An NRI desires to offer their ancestral house, but later hears rumours from it becoming haunted. Unwilling to sell the home at a throwaway cost, he asks a group of four guys to spend every night in the home and show that it isn’t a ghost den. A spine-chilling suspense thriller about a cat and mouse online game between a budding reporter and motivated serial killer.

a brave queen battles a wicked mystic. Three generations later on, he comes back to haunt the queen’s descendants. Perhaps not Ranked min Action. Athidi Mahesh Babu is falsely convicted for killing his followed moms and dads and goes to prison for 13 many years so when he comes back he loves Amrita Amrita Rao not aware that she actually is the girl of their adopted parents. Votes: 1, Perhaps Not Ranked min Action, Drama. Two kid survivors of the households’ massacres reunite in adulthood and take payback. Perhaps not Ranked min Action, Thriller.

A gunman for hire is framed for murder, and assumes a dead people’s identity while hiding from the police. Votes: 12, Sanju, a careless young man, falls head-over-heels deeply in love with Swathi. He, nevertheless, gets significantly more than he bargained for when he learns that she actually is the girl of an underworld kingpin.

Ahead of their marriage, a young guy asks for the home of their fiancee’s parent, a millionaire, is printed in their title. Bharat, an young graduate, becomes the C.

M of Andhra Pradesh pre-div after their parent demise without any political understanding, faces difficulties in the process of reform the community. In a rival gang fight See full summary ». Not Ranked min Action, Horror, Thriller. IAS officer Chanchala Reddy is imprisoned in a haunted house, while this woman is interrogated for legal reasons enforcers examining a politician they think of corruption.

Director: Ashok G. Krishna Lanka is an area in Godavari districts. The only method of commuting compared to that area is by ships. Lots of people perish due to bad whether circumstances while they travel. Krishna Lanka’s Not Ranked min Action, Drama, Romance. Bujji Prabhas works far from his house in his childhood due to a dispute along with his girlfriend Chitti Trisha.

He ends up in Chennai for 12 years, while the other countries in the tale is approximately how they satisfy now to make their love effective. A fast-paced socially relevant political drama that revolves across the battles of a typical citizen against crime and governmental corruption. A medical student with a secret inexplicably abandons his bride-to-be and home town, but his last catches up to him.

Before she will reciprocate his love, conditions cause them to falter. But destiny has various other plans. Hari Naga Shaurya ‘s fascination is fights and disputes. He’s always taking part in one or even the other battle just for the sake of it. In a fascinating situation, Hari is provided for a village a normal man with a good heart finds love after sighting a beautiful woman. Upon her request to get her a property by asking a classic man an old guy that saw the hero saving a female , he makes Director: A.

Ravi whom works in a bar pretends that he’s a software professional in America for the sake of his mom and lastly revealed as a result of wedding factors. He then discovers true-love and his mother understands the explanation for their work. A courier guy’s life develop into unanticipated consequences because of a courier obtained from a social service activist. Displaced Sri Lankans in a Vizag port tend to be ruled by an area rowdy. This is basically the story of Chatrapati Sivaji just who overcomes this oppression and how he reunites together with his long lost mama and cousin.

Director: S. a team of friends satisfy after years at their college reunion, where unresolved problems from their past are taken to the fore.

Director: Vijay K. What happens if the resides of two pals take an urgent turn? A lot of confusion uses. Will they be capable of geting out from the mess?

That forms the crux of the story. A demon created from darkness intends to take-over the planet by marrying a woman with ominous horoscope. Maybe not Rated min Action, Funny, Fantasy. In Yamalokam retirement originates from Senior Yama and then he gives fee to their child.

However experienced Chitragupta is retained much to their disappointment. He decides to show a session to A muslim man enter’s their uncle’s house in disguise to reunite his mother together with her cousin. A man who is reckless was joined to a job of accountent in neighborhood rowdy by his farher. Dynamite may be the formal remake of Tamil movie Arima Nambi. The storyline revolves across the kidnapping of a lady and exactly how the hero attempts to search for the crooks and conserve her.

Chakravarthi , Harsha Chemudu , Nagineedu. Maybe not Ranked min Action, Funny, Crime. Trained by a higher profile cop, an encounter specialist masquerading as a Brahmin priest assumes a proper property criminal activity company after losing his uncle. But for Venkateswara’s mischief Alekhya along with her mother had to leave their entire Ajay, Mahesh Babu an undercover cop, is assigned to catch a dangerous mafia don with whom he’s got a personal score to stay.

Arjun Nikhil is an aesthetic effect manager with a bad love failure. One fine time, he takes their buddy Vennela Kishore for treatment while the latter is possessed by an evil spirit. Here he Best friends since childhood Aravind and Rishi struggled for movie industry fame before Aravind’s movies with Rishi as hero achieve success. They intend to go on a road visit to find maybe not Rated min Action, Romance. A commitment phobic hippie falls deeply in love with a woman and chases her much to get dismay and aims to get what he requires.

Perhaps not Ranked min Action, Comedy, Drama. An orphan working as a Pizza delivery son in addition to girl of a caste-based politician tend to be obligated to get married in an unforeseen circumstance. Maybe not Rated min Action, Crime, Thriller.