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Trending with Friends Activity Feed g Register or check in to start obtaining task changes from around Kongregate! Host Your Game on Kongregate an open system for all internet games! Find documentation and help to help you get started. Upload Your Game Our Publishing system with your writing system, we can assist get your games to an incredible number of people on several platforms! Generate Listings. There was an error. Feb 17, are. If you’re having problems with fat with your mechs only follow this guide and in virtually no time is going to be at ranking 1.

Pull, Drones, fee segments, teleport modules, sheilds, and grappling hooks. This may take back about lbs. Making it possible for much better gear become prepared.

When you yourself have about lbs to spare after equipping the greater heavier gear. Equip a lightweight drone ex. Triple Kinetic Pointer. In order to do dmg each turn with no expense of weight or heavier round modules. Look for weapons that need no bullets or rockets to be utilized. These are rarer to be located but are the very best tools for temperature or container mechs. This is an excellent ranged weapon that does moderate dmg and also damages res.

Dont use multi res. It weighs large and never ever has to be utilized except on a tank mech build. Jesus mode body or the Diamond armor torso. Use a explosive, electric, or real resistant module. These will protect you the most from the Infernal axe while the supernove mark.

Try to find mythical modules. These are lightweight and offer best attr. Although uncommon and only available from the 21 day or perhaps in a gold box. After each and every relase of a unique mythical the devs give us 2 silver boxes to have the possibility of acquiring the new equipment.

Stay strong aided by the game and it surely will award you. Protect credits, tokens. Tokens can also purchase silver containers that may give mythical and celebrated equipment with the greatest percentage. These weapons deal massive dmg along with temperature damage.

This will guarntee a simple victory. I hope it will help because of the unhealthy weight. Apr 4, am. FateIsEscaped posts. You gotta at least possess weakest Teleport, at 1 fat. Apr 7, am.

What exactly are perks? DarkMagic74 5 posts. Sabra,excuse me personally but mythicals can be acquired in a mix typical box too,but with 0. Apr 8, am. Umm, yeah. You do not necissarily want to follow these guidelines i am ranking 1 full movie stars just play for enjoyable. Use the leader of the top clan HTK for an example. She does not utilize the most readily useful things into the online game, she’s only creating various mech styles for enjoyable.

However, if you decide to follow this, I warn you, not all build is perfect. Apr 8, pm. Drones are effective allies and deal additional dmg to enemies.

Temperature drones assist too much to increase notice and energy ones drain your adversary power. Physical do extra dmg to reduce resistance players. Unfortunately that you do not even understand just how to this video game works at all. Shields are great for tanking damage,a lot of great people make use of them on any uilds so far. Hooks would be the most sensible thing for close range people.

Heavier gear does not mean it’s the right one. If you drink drones are waste of weight,then you do not know any single thing about this online game. Exact same goes for hooks and shields. Weapons for rockets would be the best for now or bullets. Your guide is worse than just about any noob in online game and does not have any point in after it. Swams for example are one of the best weapons and need rockets. With 1 rocket module you could do amazing things. Grenade luncher is decent,but many other tools can overcome it.

Multi resistors are great for GMode torsos as well as other builds. The multi resistors sometimes help,sometimes maybe not,but it’s establish dependant. It is pretty much recognized to everyone in game. Nothing special to mention,It’s like saying purchase the most useful car out there since we already fully know it is great. Save sm coins and tokens until lvl when you are getting to lvl 15 you receive items from lvl If you played the video game you will certainly know that. Overused and mainstream weapons,You just stated not to utilize tools for rockets but you recommend to look for all of them.

You don’t stand-on your word and guide. Next time learn how to read and follow yours footsteps to a tutorial. Flamethrowers have a name and it’s Lava spray. Its great and powerful but it’s actually uncommon. You didn’t help something. Just typed random thoughts on your sad builds and would like to make everybody else a mainstream overheater. Learn to play this game before writting a tutorial.

You ought to stay clear and wise on the previous things and learn to make all kinds of builds to tank other individuals. You mentioned nothing on tanking Energy nor temperature Mech.

Nor advised mods and builds. The HTK frontrunner has good luck main-stream tools in online game and makes use of them all. Exact same goes for Torso and legs.


Super mechs best build.Super Mechs Best Build | Super Mechs

Nov 02,  · The Super Mechs Crafting Guide. So you should have products, that are not in upgrade things. Then again you will have to have at the very least 1, power for a weapon, top gun, feet, as well as the modules. But if you want a torso its 2, power. Enjoy Super Mechs online game online for free! Develop, Fight, Prevail! Mech and fight against your pals in a nutshell strategic battles for honor and glory. Become the best determined Reading Time: 30 secs. May 04,  · These are rarer to be found but they are top tools for heat or container mechs. example tool could be the Grenade laucher level I. This is an excellent ranged weapon that does reasonable dmg also harms res. > > 3. Dont use multi res. It weighs in at large and never should be utilized except on a tank mech develop. Jesus mode torso or the Diamond armor body. Super Mechs 4 is an online game placed in “Action”. Super Mechs 4 is manually included by our online game editors. Its time and energy to create your mech robot and load him up with weapons to be able to capture and fight against the other mechs in the Super Mechs activity flash online game. This area aged mech battle is .

Super Mechs Best Build Nov 21, 1 min read. Deviation Actions. Increase Favourites. By supermechs. Needless to say you do! Well look absolutely no further since you have come off to the right spot, a good option for Super Mechs game tips and tricks. Indeed our company is an excellent Mechs Game tricks and tips blog.

Right here you can find completely everything you need to know about Super Mechs and also to end up being the most readily useful many ultimate Super Mech society has actually previously seen! Enjoy online game at : super-mechs. Making use of an individual baseball plus the aim would be to gain as many things that you can by control the baseball contrary to the bricks. See More by supermechs. Super Mechs Present Keys. Mar 15, Super Mechs Gift Keys: 1. present tips are usage for recently produced account just.

Just take remember that we are able to only use key from amount 3 to level 6. Even as we achieve degree 7, we could not any longer make use of our Gift Key. It is important that the present Key you will utilize is yours. Meaning,it is better to use Gift Key from your own existing account so that you can have the full benefit of making use of that key. Once the account which used the key achieved degree 30, the host account will get a totally free SM Credit of and and an opportunity to get good products by opening a Silver Box.

Never ever share your Gift secrets to anyone. Because once they stop playing their account you. Super Mechs 4. Feb 22, Super Mechs 4 is an internet game placed in “Action”. Super Mechs 4 is manually added by our online game editors.

Its time for you to create your mech robot and load him up with weapons to be able to shoot and fight the other mechs when you look at the Super Mechs activity flash online game. This room aged mech battle rocks !. After every degree it is possible to update your Super Mech with more effective tools, better armor and much more skills to help you strike the opponent mechs. Lets see what you’ve got and how numerous quantities of Super Mechs you’ll survive.

Feb 6, Super Mechs, a spectacular turn-based strategy game, offers you a unique opportunity to develop an invincible extremely robot! Design your own Robot Mech Warrior just how you need it, producing the most perfect fighting machine, using the design, weapons, armor and extras that you want it to have. Fight your pals and join epic PvP battles against robot rivals from all over the whole world, or development through the single player mode.

Be courageous! Essential records: This applica. Super Mechs Robot War Jan 17, Super Mechs Robot War – A deadly futuristic robot war recently begun. Select your country and fight against the united robotic forces of one’s rival nation.

The enemies are strong and powerful and you also want to eradicate the unfriendly robotic causes. Aim your enemy’s bots and destroy all of them by striking fire switch. Toss bombs and keep shooting as fast as yo are able. You are able to enhance your energy and stability by improving your Mech robot. Eliminate the future unfriendly robots and switch all of them into dirt!

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