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Universal audio uad 1.UAD Plug-Ins and LUNA computer software


Solely Run On UAD Hardware.Apple Silicon M1 Compatibility Tips – Universal Audio Support Residence


JavaScript seems becoming disabled in your browser. You really need to have JavaScript allowed in your browser to work well with the functionality of the web site. As much as six UAD-2 products may be combined in a single system. For me this is the optimal option for sound processing within my sound production system. The Computer doesn’t also notice the computing energy i personally use within my results stores to combine and learn might work actually an excellent product! The noises associated with emulations are superb.

With these products you level up! Impart your tracks using the iconic warmth and personality associated with classic hardware used to trace everyone else from Duke Ellington to Coldplay.

By emulating the complete signal road, including tube amplifiers, transformers, and circuit nonlinearities, the B Tube Preamp and EQ plug-in injects organic information and saturation to your sign. Along with its gentle, program dependent optical compression and meticulously designed pipe amp, the LA-2A could be the go-to compressor for professional mixers all over the world — specifically for vocals.

Incredibly user-friendly Peak decrease and Gain manages gives you the ideal optical compression noise for electric guitar, bass, drums, and more. The will give punch, presence, and character as well as its trademark distortion overtones on drums, vocals, guitars, and bass. Both these tube-based icons deliver offer smooth and silky EQ curves with an abundance of warm analog personality.

Effective and intuitive, Precision combine Rack range gives you an impressive tool set — perfect for novices and seasoned professionals alike. In a position to yield exacting outcomes with minimal adjustment, the Precision Enhancer Hz can add fat to kick drum samples, fatten up a synth bass, or simply result in the low-end of your tracks more audible on smaller speakers.

The PC doesn’t also notice the processing power I prefer during my results stores to mix and learn could work. Excellent financial investment. I am considering a 3rd if it’s going to work. It is just like the classic times but I don’t need a maintenance engineer full-time to keep it all operating. FYI, the computer is a Precision , 16 core. We also provide an Octo within our Studio B system because envy had been getting difficulty.

Purchased to test the UA ecosystem for myself and was impressed instantly. The quality of the plugins in unquestionable and also the included horsepower made working sessions much more comfortable. I have currently added 2 more UAD-2 cards and so I was today at 3 and many included plugins.

a happy consumer undoubtedly. I had some issues registering the hardware which led me to loose most of the free plugins that was included with the advertising bundled with this particular item.

Nevertheless, UAD customer support solved the problem immediately, and from now on i am experiencing the hardware more! So that the gear works as advertised but please note that this may NOT boost processing energy for audio being recorded in realtime. If only this was something that ended up being a little more clear from the ads however understanding this caveat was my fault so I shouldn’t knock UAD because of this i guess. And as devoid of this is not actually a game changer in my situation at this stage i guess I’m mostly happy with the unit.

It probably took about emails to get everything somewhat resolved. My case run-up the string into the manager, I guess for being one of many noisy ones?

I’m not sure. Also then it was often confusing or unanswered. I would personally keep a list of about very concisely worded questions however in their answer they might only answer 1 or 2 of the concerns and not all that demonstrably at that.

Even as i’m composing this as an example, there clearly was one unanswered concern from UAD nonetheless sitting during my mailbox: “Im thinking about buying a Townsend Labs Sphere l based on the Townsend site i am going to receive a grab voucher when it comes to UAD Sphere l22 plug-in upon buy for the microphone.

Could you please confirm that that is certainly the case? Does UAD understand exactly why i’d like this concern answered once I have actually a vouchers for 4 free plugins the thing I ultimately received as in exchange when it comes to advertising plugins. Kids wake up! Build in to the computer utilizing the card we already had.

Starting the pc, it worked imediately. That is just how it should be. La tengo linkada con una satellite y con un total de 6 dsp puedo abordar proyectos bastante serios. Stops June 30th! Cart 0. you have got no products in your shopping cart. You’ve got coupons offered! Stunning analog sound for your PC or Mac. These preferred UAD plug-in bundles feature a user-installable DSP Accelerator Card for your desktop tower or PCIe development framework, plus a range of pc software bundles to give you vintage tone and character, out of the box.

Give your indigenous methods a DSP boost for running larger mixes, with wealthy, award-winning, sonically complex plug-ins. This is because easy. No other plug-ins so faithfully capture the noise and behavior of classic analog equipment — from rare compressors and equalizers, to vintage reverb processors and tape machines.

The UAD collection functions over 90 plug-ins, co-developed with all the biggest companies in audio. Customer Reviews R. Ruskin Summer 9, Solli Summer 8, Di Donato June 1, Dwyer May 30, Adams Might 4, See All Reviews.

Win Windows 7, 8. General Rating. Write a Review. Wold May 29, Wells Might 4, Cerda May 2, Demenok May 2, Osipov April 30, Dudley April 14, Sarikos April 7, Alexandre April 6,


Universal audio uad 1.UAD-2 DSP PCIe Card | UAD Accelerator | Universal Audio

In your mind of the Universal sound UAD-1 Ultra Pak is the identical single unpartitioned, floating-point super-computing processor which allows for bigger and more sophisticated processing formulas, providing a brand new amount of power and complexity not found with host-based plug-ins.5/5(4). UA Audio Interfaces are the world’s most acclaimed professional recording interfaces for Mac and Windows — giving task and commercial studios exceptional A/D and D/A conversion utilizing the tone, experience, and realtime workflow of classic analog recording. World-class sound quality for exceptional recordings. ANALOG SOUND IN THE SPEED OF LIGHT. LUNA transforms Apollo interfaces into the most inspiring and fully‑integrated Mac‑based recording methods in the world.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your internet browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your internet browser to utilize the functionality for this site. Include the heat and punch of timeless analog sound to your music — just with UAD and Apollo. Add to Cart. Regular Price: 1. Discover More. Add to Cart Include to Wishlist. The API Preamp plug-in for Apollo interfaces and UAD hardware offers you equivalent clarity, personality, and musically complex tone regarding the proven, hit-making analog equipment, with included functions from their flagship Vision console.

Saving you hundreds of dollars versus buying these award-winning plug-ins independently. Available For Sale Neve Summing. The Neve Summing LUNA Extension enables you to quickly add width, depth, and personality to your mixes utilizing the first genuine emulation of Neve analog summing.

A UA exclusive, the Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced plug-in improves the last UAD version with powerful workflow and sonic enhancements, making it the best ultra-low-latency tuning option for Apollo and Arrow interfaces — optimized for instant live… discover more. On Sale Moog Minimoog. The Moog Minimoog catches every nuance, anomaly, and quirk of Bob Moog’s iconic synth using UA’s industry-leading expertise in circuit modeling, synthesis, and signal handling.

For Sale Ravel. Introduced in , Universal Audio’s B and limiters have the historic distinction whilst the very first audio compressors purpose-built for studio recording and mixing songs. Available For Sale Capitol Chambers.

Situated underneath the iconic Capitol Tower in Los Angeles, Capitol Studios is perhaps the most recognized studio in the field — and much of its legend is traced to its hallowed, subterranean echo chambers.

Solely for UAD-2 and UA sound Interfaces, the Lexicon L Digital Reverb and Effects plug-in could be the planet’s just Lexicon-endorsed emulation of the benchmark studio reverb, used on years of hits, expertly acquiring the initial, infinitely moldable atmosphere … Learn much more. An iconic compressor that adds energy, action, and tone to stereo mixes and subgroups.

Available For Sale Galaxy Tape Echo. Recommended by AKG Acoustics, the BX 20 Spring Reverb plug-in envelops your sources in gorgeously dark, dense ambience that only spring reverb can offer. EMT-endorsed emulation of three unique, highly-prized EMT plates — as heard on countless heart and pop music tracks, through the s through these days.

Available For Sale Timeless Limiter Collection. The definitive number of the renowned tone-enhancing FET compressor. With exclusive filter forms, complex musical organization communications, and musical filter amp distortions, the A and EQs left an indelible stamp on renowned recordings making use of their punch, low-frequency transparency, and ultra-tight imaging. Available For Sale Unison V76 Preamplifier. Now, you may get most of the breathtaking, harmonically wealthy pipe gain and classic frequency reaction with this iconic mic preamp in a great-sounding, easy-to-use emulation using the V76 Preamplifier plug-in, exclusively for UAD equipment and UA Audio Interfaces.

On Sale Thermionic Community Vulture. Dial-in rich harmonic pleased with this high-gain, studio-grade, dual-stage device distortion device. With three diverse device topologies, you’ll subtly color, or utterly destroy present tracks, buses, or mixes. Well known for the normal sounding, organic curves, this passive, tube-based EQ excels at radical tonal shaping as well as fine singing shading or slight mastering improvement.

Bundle Ultimate 9. Universal sound may be the globe frontrunner in professional audio interfaces, analog recording equipment, and UAD plug-ins. Fabled for its simple settings and radical compression, this solid-state classic sports nonlinearities not present in various other VCA compressors, providing it a personality all its own.

For Sale Precision Buss Compressor. The definitive solid-state optical compressor. Tape Sim. Obtain the rich noise of magnetic tape, class A transformers, and tube circuits. You may also warmly burnish frequencies and transients, or break all of them with thick saturation. For Sale Cambridge EQ. Easily place the finishing touches on a master or fix troublesome areas from badly recorded sources. Use to add distinctive space and level to drums, guitars, and vocals with similar algorithm based in the initial equipment.

A legendary console EQ with exclusive musical organization communications and distinct cut-filter combinations. Available For Sale Precision Maximizer. Easily maximize mixes and masters while keeping dynamic range, and add tube-like existence and sizzle to your sources. For Sale Precision Multiband. Reach inside your mixes and fine tune with five bands of compression, expansion, and gate.

Unparalleled flexibility and easy settings ensure it is the ideal device when it comes to novice, as well as the seasoned mastering engineer. On Sale Precision EQ. UA’s original advanced overall performance EQ utilising the most readily useful of classic equipment designs and modeled from the behavior of real-world analog mastering filters with classic parametric controls arrangement. Available For Sale Precision Limiter. First UA created, premium overall performance brickwall limiter. Contour Mode allows you to modify the attack, form, and personality of a combination.

On Sale Precision Enhancer Hz. A straightforward, specialized device for quickly boosting bass perception in your mixes. Effortlessly gives small speakers better interpretation of the low frequency sourced elements of your blend. Immediately control period whenever combining various miked indicators, allowing you to place mics where they sound most readily useful, rather than restricted phase-coherent positions. Available for sale Precision Enhancer kHz. A specialized device to boost high frequencies and breathe new lease of life into songs.

Harness five distinct enhancement settings for use on various types of supply material. Efficiently reshape the attack and sustain attributes of any origin for complete transparent control of important elements such as snare drums, overhead and place mics, piano, plus. On Sale Precision De-Esser.

Effortlessly remove unwelcome sibilance and high-end problems on vocals, hi-hats, and drum overheads — or even mixes — with wise, intuitive settings. Perhaps one of the most special analog delays ever made. Yields spectacular short delays and doubling results that sit perfectly in just about any combine.

Create an area from a massive listing of different materials and room forms and blend between space shapes and sizes in real-time. Get a selection of shades, from quick slapback delays to self-oscillation chaos.

On Sale Lexicon Digital Reverb. Add clarity and life to your mixes using this tube-based processor. Effortlessly enhance loudness, broaden the soundscape, and inject harmonic depth and richness to tools and buses. Add heft and precision to low-end supply material — far beyond a simple EQ. Unmistakable bucket-brigade flanging and doubling results with this specific Dunlop-endorsed circuit emulation of 1 for the best-sounding flangers ever made. Harness the same preamps utilized to record the Beach Boys and Coldplay.

Fatten-up signals and provide human body and sonic complexity to vocals, guitars, bass, and more, for an ageless analog high quality. Manufactured by Brainworx, this five-rackspace behemoth tempers dynamics and tames transients like no other compressor in history wiith its serial, two-stage dynamics control and switchable result transformer matrix.

Created for the UAD system with famed mastering professional Bob Katz, K-Stereo is designed for crucial 2-track mastering programs and is the natural-sounding treatment for busy or narrow-sounding mixes. The most famous compressor previously made, period. Track and combine with three historical variations associated with the revered optical tube compressor, each using its very own unique sonic characteristics. From old-school cool to savage steel, as well as classic bass amps, the Amp Room Bundle sports effective click-and-drag mic placements to expertly dial in your tones.

On Sale Ocean Method Studios. The professional standard for including power and punch — without squashing. The Inflator plug-in can also add warmth, and presence to your mix, providing virtual headroom above electronic maximum, while maintaining musical character.

Its dynamic, old-school neat and crunch tones recreation aggressive distortion designs that can subtly enhance a track — and take it over! A creative tool with the capacity of extreme, however musical impacts. Drop it on the tracks and twist several knobs. Easy, quick, and efficient. The Dangerous BAX EQ range borrows seeds of motivation from Peter Baxandall’s legendary ‘s tone control who has graced billions of hi-fi methods and it is a fantastic tool for tracking, blending, and mastering.

Additionally boost the understood amount of mixes, without clipping. An excellent mastering tool that tastefully removes the harsh, hard edges of your tracks without significantly changing the character and tone of the sources.

Developed by Brainworx, the alpha compressor is an elite, ultra-boutique, contemporary sculpting tool for combining and perfecting, unmatched among characteristics processors for its openness and clarity.

Produced by Brainworx, an exacting emulation for the high-end, Class-A equipment, completely acquiring its unique features like gain decrease restricting, anti-log curves, and negative ratios. Delivering powerfully authentic overdrive, distortion, and fuzz, the Distortion Essentials Bundle expertly models three vintage grind devices. Developed by Brainworx, this exhaustive emulation of a modern classic — down to its four hand-built discrete VCAs — delivers classic compression textures with a modern signal road and settings.

Developed by Brainworx, master and combine with an one-of-a-kind, high-end harmonic generator plug-in that catches all the tone and personality for the initial hardware, whilst also including to its feature ready for more versatility.

Get microphone-quality sound when recording direct from an acoustic’s on-board pickup. Wood Works brings dramatic new flexibility, high quality, and simplicity to recording and blending acoustic guitars. The undisputed alpha puppy of guitar amps, the Marshall Super Lead amplifier is popular. Featuring functional multi-mic sounds, this plug-in captures the snarl, sustain, and raunch that defined the noise of rock.