Zenonia 4 slayer build.”Zenonia 4″ Slayer Guide: Stat and Skill Builds

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Zenonia 4 slayer build.”Zenonia 4″ Ranger Guide – Stat/Skill Builds


Stat Build.”Zenonia 4″ Ranger Guide – Stat/Skill Builds – LevelSkip


On a more serious note, the Ranger is a rather hard course to play, but my personal favorite. When you cope with the hardships of early-mid-game and start getting AOE skills and a lot of Evasion, wow does it get fun. The essential difference between the Ranger and the other classes is the fact that Ranger truly has just two effective builds. CON for the Ranger just increases Defense, HP, and hardly any evasion—which is a fairly inefficient means of investing your points.

Add your points into DEX. The greater powerful, high DPS build of this two. It also has more evasion. Include all your things into INT. The point for this create is to have a huge amount of SP, while however having very decent attack and evasion. There are two main passive skills geared exactly to this create. In general, a big element of this build is the power to simply use your supercharge attack like Rambo.

With all of one’s SP, you can easily hold your unlimited-bullet-spam for an extended, number of years. After this, continue maxing out all of the passive skills with the exception of Psychic connect and Force Weapon for Pure DEX creates , while adding into the active abilities when you wish to. SOOO I recently have actually figured this out however if you have epic gear try to update it to level 3 OR make a account to complete 1 particular sub-quest in Adonis:The Blacksmith,if you have got an unusual account go right to the blacksmith Adonis and finish the two task that he offers you then if have completed the next sub-quest,then you must have Deluxe secret Dust,after which go to your original account,then place your designated equipment to your bank,then finally go to your next account that you developed,take the equipment from the bank and merely upgrade it.

It is possible to provide your gear back again to your initial account by placing it back into the financial institution and go to your original account. Also,if you have actually’nt upgraded your gear then upgrade it to amount 1,then use Magic dirt if its really of good use gear to upgrade it to amount 2,use another secret dirt to update it to level 3. From then on do the “Trick” to update it to level 4 up to 5 keep doing the “Trick” by generating a new account or just have a fresh game in your 2nd account.

Should I add everything? Exclude something? I personally use these as my primary combination since it’s effective for me personally, at the very least. I am today stage 25, done battling the manager, Leonard. Plus the Extreme eliminate and Charge Shot combination worked really for me personally. I recently had a need to utilize a Mana Potion M every time I did it. Only use like, 6 or more Medium Mana Potions. As far as im concerned there is no reason you cannot beat the bosses, if you can strike the manager before it hits you your fine Im lvl 30 and im stuck at where after you beat morpice.

And every time i try to go into the cave i always get killed I tried to complete den of trials but my partner is sooo poor therefore I can’t really have that far.. I’m sure ur guide does not recommend incorporating con but if I did not do that i wouldve immediately died at leonard or proneus. Cable- Actually in Den key in it’s the most useful! If any person requires help traning when you look at the den of dang I forgot the name look up “DaMasta4” without the quote markings. Probably the best dude EVER!!!

Im a lvl 69 pure int based ranger today, i almost don’t have to make use of the tk thingy. An easy way to defeat bosses: Spam your skills, particularly sacrifice. Pvp things are a lot much more much better than any kind of things so try make use of the thunderstrike skill. Employers, well you simply need to run around and spam skills for pure int.

I recommend every person to go pvp and hunt items. Really, For those who have every other enquiries please go directly to the discussion board to test. You merely need to run-around let the manager nearly struck you then just strike all of them with some skill or perhaps use the tk thingy to distract the boss. You can easily overcome the supervisor at about one or two degree less than the employer or if ur good less than that. And a easy method to get cash is that you don’t have to get such a thing from the store except possibly potions.

Result in the monsters are gonna fall material for your needs anyhow and you can additionally sell the material they drop. Possibly a dumb concern but I can’t discover tk thing?! just how do i make use of it? Im nevertheless trying to beat frodo. Hey for anyone attempting to conquer proneus my guidance would be to bring lots of miracle containers.

And wellness containers. It is for rangers. Obv he is able to pull you. Everything you do is summon tk and get reverse or even the side of anywhere he starts attacking. Then dash away. Summon another tk. Then and this is if you implemented this guide or have 3 abilities secured up. Make use of concentrated chance, lightning bolt, and extreme kill. Not in just about any purchase but utilizing concentrated shot also gives you time and energy to heal yourself.

Then keep doing that and restoring sp with miraculous pots and you will win. Tks for the guideline we wont buy any ZEN will there be just about any way to scan undentity item?? Plz help you tks. To simply help any other Ranger is probably the worst develop for pvp, you die constantly. Additionally exactly what course could you state is the greatest to beat bosses and dies the least? I’m amount 70 now and defeated last boss. I’m pure dex develop After killing last supervisor the game will reset and it will maintain hard mode SZ: do not pvp excessively before amount often my dexterity falls all of a sudden, then it fills up back to the normal amount after a while.

Why is this? Hey i am hoping to get an item of gear and I also’m in level 21 can somebody give me zen or something like that for my ranger. I’ve spend some Zen to hold my def. I’m gonna need to redo my ranger. We moved ahead and maxed out particular skills since that’s my playing style with your kinds of games I wait 10 levels and you can add abilities and stats entirely for a burst of improvement.

Also, I disagree using the extreme kill thing. How much combat and protection will you need to kick regular Saturus butt. I am at amount 65 but still maybe not successful killing him. Hey, does anyone know how electric shield works? It appears that we occasionally still get 1-hit ko’ed by monsters into the DoT. Although I visit your point about skills helping destroy mobs, i have an extremely easy time when it comes to employers. So I think it depends on what you want to prioritize- mobs or bosses.

I am a pure int ranger and im surely taking pleasure in it. Althought there is a long cooldown on lightning bolt, however it is exceptionally effective. Using it against employer takes completely at least one 3rd of these health. Im lvl 47 when i get on pvp most of the people except well built slayers will perish with one set of lightning bolt.

We haven’t played pure dex build myself, but pure int is training great for me personally! Rameth in the very beginning of the battle, on the left there is an area between two stones that if you stand there he can’t strike you, you cannot use your normal attack but you can utilize and active skill like extreme kill and mirror shot. I fought him at around lvl 22 approximately.

Hey this sounds stupid but I’m caught on General Leonard utilizing the ranger i am on amount 19 is that also underleveled? We wonder if pure Dex is actually best build. I thought Dex 2 con 1 as much as 50 and all sorts of dex is better. I am creating pure dex Rager at present amount But its so very hard to play three head by troll archer dies instantly.

Is anybody creating hybrid Dex con Ranger? I am obtaining the same problem attempting to create an ID.. I’m making use of 7 alpha characters without any numbers assist me!! Unfortunetely Zenonia 4 does not open on my honeycomb 3. Can anyone help me kindly? I will be actually torn between a pure dex build or pure int build since most associated with passive skill is mostly about a factor of int it generates me actually question the dex build is it really gonna work?


Zenonia 4 slayer build.”Zenonia 4″ Slayer Guide: Stat and Skill Builds – LevelSkip

For Zenonia 4: Return of this Legend in the iOS (iPhone/iPad), a GameFAQs Q&A question called “Understanding the best Stat Build for Slayer and Ranger?”. Dec 27,  · Hybrid: This build consists of adding 2 CON every 3 levels, or if you’re having any trouble with mobs/bosses, including 1 CON per degree. Outstanding mix of harm and protection; this is probably one of the much easier builds of every class in Zenonia 4 to play, however it’s nevertheless lots of fun. Experience Develop. This will be a skill build up to level 40ish for the ted Reading Time: 6 mins. Dec 28,  · Zenonia 4 is much harder compared to games before. The ranger (moved pure dex) is even more harder als he is able to quickly a couple of hitted by Bosses or occasionally regular creeps. The start is extrem hard. He begins slowly with degree 20 and get better after ult. His shining phase is believed Reading Time: 8 minutes.

Log In Join. Keep me signed in with this product Forgot your username or password? Don’t have a merchant account? Register for free! What is the best Stat develop for Slayer and Ranger? Or on the other hand, since I have lots of leveling up to accomplish yet, must I rather place the next accumulated stat points to CON becoming a semi-pure CON build?

Which can be better? Consumer tips: HeartofWitch. Then as for the Ranger i am completely new to using it. Or are I incorrect? Anyhow, just how do I need to opt for the stats? Accepted Answer.

Worked out perfect for me up to now, although the very early online game of my Ranger was intense, died in 2 hits. Got much better belated online game. My Slayer having said that, will not, and contains perhaps not however died so far. Though it really is harm production is lackluster, still receives the work done. Consumer information: maiazek. Signup for free or sign in in the event that you curently have an account to be able to inquire of and respond to questions.

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